Why E.T. Disclosure Matters

Have you ever wondered why you are expected to live a life according to the rules and desires of other people? Why do we need to work? Why do people struggle to survive? All of these things are illogical for every single human on this planet yet here we are in the thick of the madness.

What would you think if you knew the reason why the average human lifestyle of forced servitude, debt slavery, suffering, sickness/disease, depression is a result of the lies being told over countless years and generations to humanity? These are no ordinary lies creating this turmoil and suffering for all of us, these lies are rooted in one of the biggest cover ups of all time. The main reason for this suffering which all of us experience on a daily basis is because of the concealment of the reality of life off planet and the existence of “extraterrestial life”. Whenever you hear mention of extraterrestrial, UFO or anything related to extraterrestrials or life off planet (even biological life), there is extreme disrespect and ridicule thrown towards it by basically everyone. Nobody is willing to have a normal conversation about the topic, even when scientific fact is facing them head on. Unfortunately, for many people zenophobia, or fear of the unknown is so strong that they go along with the “rules” of the masters of society which dictates that people must destroy any credible or intellectual conversation or representation of the simple fact.

Fact is, even for you skeptics who have never done your homework (or for those of you have but have chosen to be traitors to humanity), life off planet and the existence of so called extraterrestrials are abundant and a natural fact of life. We have never been alone. We have also never been alone in the Universe. To think that we are alone is to deny the fact of existence in general. It is to deny the basic fact that you are a part of the fabric of this Universe, not only is it foolish, it is incredibly arrogant to think such falsehoods. If you really believe you are the only one; that humanity and all of the animals on this planet is the limitation of what can exist then it is clear that your thinking and intellectual capability is as narrow as it can possibly be.

If you chose to be narrow minded then consider yourself a part of the problem. No matter how much you bolster yourself into thinking you are a righteous, good, sincere, spiritual, religious or whatever social aggrandizing title you give to yourself, as long as you participate in this type of narrow mindedness, you are a part of the problem on this planet. You are limiting your life, your potential and you are also creating issues for humanity in general. Yes, it is true, each one of us has this much impact on the other. Titles do not make you exempt from being accountable for the situation at hand. You are held to a standard by all of Creation for a reason and it is our hope that you will come to your senses, eventually. If you have already arrived and you are ready to embrace the unknown of this ET/ UFO phenomenon then it is due time for a congratulations. You have pushed past your fear and you have embraced yourself, it’s a good feeling, isn’t it? You feel good because you have done the right thing.

For those of us here at Golden Almach Creation, it has been a long arduous, painful process to come together with the intention to reveal and expose this ugly lie which has held us back from our true selves for so long. To be able to approach the topic and share this information with you has been a struggle all in its own. This isn’t about us though, this is more about the potential which we all have to look forward to, if we choose for a different way. Golden Almach Creation is a group of individuals, anyone who is ready to invite the opportunity of embracing a new way of thinking, a new paradigm of life. We are not a New Age organization and reject all things related to New Age cults. New Age cults are based in subvert symbols and re-packaged as a new religion/cult, we want nothing to do with religion and worship in fact.

Instead this is a movement about coming together as a collective species, as a family unit, as Creation always intended us to be. As time moves forward, this is the inevitable fact that we will unite, heal, grow and improve who we are so that we can improve our society and our human experience together. For those who are unwilling to embrace this change, consider yourself the new outsider since a rigid and malicious attitude in the future will not be popular. Either way your rigid mindset and lifestyle will bite you very hard, even though you may feel that you are safe in your maliciousness. Soon you will see that for those who you have bullied, put down, hurt and maim with your greed and malice, you will soon realize first hand the results of your actions. Everything evil you do to prevent growth and maturity will reflect back to you. This is a basic law of existence. There is no time to delay when it comes to giving yourself a better lifestyle and experience. What do you have to lose by embracing something new? No matter what, when we learn, we expand and grow, even when the learning experience can be intimidating and overwhelming when we begin it is still the right thing to do.

For those of you who are ready to embrace change and progress with your refreshing open mindset and loving existence, we thank you and we welcome you. Because of you, everything is possible and exciting. You have come a long way to embrace yourself and to be open to the possibilities of life. The road has been long for some of us full of uncertainty and some self-doubt along the way. Not to worry though, we can put all of that behind us now and unite with a common purpose to explore what life will be when we create a new lifestyle based on truth. We can disclose and reveal all that has held us back from our authentic selves, all of the fake ones who have tried to hurt us, we can move past that now and focus on the vast possibilities which lay ahead. Since you are open-minded, or even just curious, this means that you are ready to explore, that you are ready to learn and enjoy life to the fullest with a healthy lifestyle. When you are able to think creatively about life, be curious about Creation and about your potential then all things are open to you right now. Every single positive possibility is before you, it is yours to explore and enjoy. The nature of what ET/UFO disclosure will bring to your life individually is incredibly rich and vast. The possibilities of fun and inspiration have no bounds for those of us who are ready to experience life enriched with truth. When we create disclosure and reveal the truth then we can become empowered and uplifted by the truth in every moment. We break free from the chains and shackles of judgement, ridicule, blame and hate when we know and enforce the truth.

When the truth is revealed then you are able to explore who you are with no interference involved, nobody will be able to force their external will upon you. You will be the one who gets to decide who you want to be, what you want to do and what you will become. Not only will you be empowered yourself when you invite your off planet extraterrestrial “star” family into your life, you will also gain the great benefit of their peaceful and loving role in your life as a family member. Our E.T. family is generous, kind, warm and very loving. They are waiting for us to embrace the potential to get to know them and to get to know ourselves better too. The creative potential of each one of us, no matter where we come from, whether it be on this planet or beyond is tremendous. It is immense. It is beautiful and it is infinite. If you are interested in experiencing this potential for yourself then we invite you to participate with us. Come collaborate with us, get the word out about disclosure as we work in partnership with Create Disclosure (www.createdisclosure.com), demand the truth and gain your freedom back. It is time for all of us to be free, it is time for all of us to become family again. The time for this to be done is in this moment right now!

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