When you discover that a clone has stolen your creative work

This is my handwriting, no escaping it. There’s something in handwriting which really says a lot about a person’s personality. For years I anxiously watched my handwritten poems, stories and ideas suddenly disappear from secured spaces.

While watching TedEx, I came across a speaker (I won’t be pointing fingers) who was talking about doing creative projects, and very interesting topics about fashion and scrap booking. I decided to check out the website of the speaker and low and behold found some papers that went missing when I was younger. What is interesting about this story is that it is a confirmation about the power of intellectual property; you may not think what you have created is valuable but clearly others can profit off of what you create. Always protect your creative projects, your artwork, music and make sure it is fairly credited to you! Especially with writing, keep your documents safe! In this case it couldn’t be avoided but I will make sure that nothing will ever be exploited again in the future.

Have confidence in your value and understand that there is always something powerful emanating from what you create. Let your creative projects nourish your life and make sure that they’re not being abused by others.

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