What it means to be a Golden Age Human

What a joy it is to be a Golden. To have a healthy aura, a body and a place on this planet at such a wonderful time. Being a Golden means a continual push to move towards a fast moving emerging consciousness, even when it is not comfortable to do so. Learning and the pursuit of spiritual growth is an active part of the life path of a Golden human, there is always change and there are always challenges to increase awareness over time. Are you a Golden human or starting to become one?

Qualities of Golden Humans:

  1. Golden Aura
  2. Super aware and resilient against negative surroundings (ability to sustain in any environment)
  3. Less need of sleep in order to feel good, great physical stamina and fitness
  4. A thirst for knowledge and learning in order to improve skills or learn new ones
  5. A critical and introspective attitude (especially about the nature of the self)
  6. Will resist abusive individuals who abuse their power and authority no matter what
  7. Create with new ideas and solving problems
  8. Avid interest in literature and creativity for the betterment of humanity and the planet
  9. Creative with new ideas and solving problems even under extreme stress
  10. Is independent and has a high energy level regardless of other’s negativity
  11. Acts spontaneously, intuitively with little to no hesitation
  12. Intellectually playful, willing to test multiple ideas and experiment
  13. Ability to become invisible with conscious aura flexibility (astral flexing)
  14. Embracing differences and uniqueness in different cultures/ settings
  15. Uses voice to signal mood and embraces public speaking/ delivery of ideas to public is natural
  16. Communicates feelings with obvious facial expressions and body movements (strong body language)
  17. Uses music to astral travel
  18. Produces unexpected feedback and enables others to think dynamically
  19. Open towards embracing and using empathy in order to understand environmental landscapes (able to see the needs of natural spaces and is able to evaluate and produce healing with conscious co-existence)
  20. Focused on producing freedom and spiritual awareness for future generations

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