Chela Cooley

“The journey of transformation begins with education, is solidified by receiving healing and is enjoyed with community.”

Holistic Healer – DNA Technician – Psychic – Chakra Analysis

Hometown: Santa Cruz, California      Service Location: San Jose, California

Chela Cooley is the Founder & Owner of Golden Almach Creation and the CEO of Create Disclosure. She is a pioneer of an intuitive psychic process which allows her to see the Chakra & energy systems of the body (which she has identified as DNA imprints). Since childhood she has possessed a gift which reveals unrealized potential of Chakras, subtle energy, DNA and much more. Chela’s approach is one of specificity her approach is that of making the healing experience match the needs and personality of each individual to ensure maximum effectiveness. Chela uses her gifts as a writer,crystalline grid technician and energy healer to offer a multitude of solutions for healing and consciousness expansion. Her speciality also lies in working with crystal and off planet celestial energies, activating leylines and decoding ancient mysteries (Uxmal Codexes, crystal skulls, ancient pyramid activations and more). She is a certified Reiki Master & Instructor in Traditional Master Usui method, a spiritual teacher and a way-shower of spiritual maturity. For over five years Chela has been using her gift of healing to assist individuals with their DNA activation, psychic awakening and much more.

Chela is an experiencer, contactee, abductee and whistleblower with a fascinating and complex history. As an outlet and way to spread awareness about these topics she created a YouTube channel to share her experiences and offer educational resources. On her own healing path she has studied with Buddhist masters such as Lama Wangdor Rinpoche and Taoist teachers who helped her to master meditation. She has come into contact with supernatural beings and Extraterrestrials which has become a way of life since early childhood. These experiences have brought her closer to an understanding of unity consciousness, love and compassion which she shares with the world. Actively she works on managing projects (both creative and factual based) for her companies to help the world get closer to accessing truth and accomplishing full Disclosure.






Lindsey Elocin Hooper

“Most or if not all solutions in life begin and end with communication; proper communication will solve and heal what all misunderstandings from the past have created; thus healing our relationships with ourselves, others and all of creation.”

Intuitive Counselor & Coach – Relationship Expert – Communications

Hometown: Charlotte, North Carolina      Service Location: Wilmington, North Carolina

Lindsey Elocin Hooper is a Whistle-blower, Director of Communications at Create Disclosure, a Public Speaker, as well as an Intuitive Counselor and Coach. She is also an experiencer, abductee and has lifetimes of experience within alternate timelines. Her ability to remote view/astral project has been fine tuned and led her to help heal others with her multitude of gifts. By placing herself in another person’s shoes she is able to better understand what any being is encountering in life; or situation that they may be facing. By utilizing her methods of understanding and love, she has a fascinating ability to work with ease and unconditional acceptance. Always dedicated to serving and helping humanity, our planet Ekken Ekeinne and all of it’s inhabitants, Lindsey helps people survive, evolve and understand why they are living the life they chose.

By bringing forth her years of experience she gracefully shows clients how to handle, process and comprehend life’s situations with success and healing. Lindsey is skilled at healing interpersonal relationships and works one-on-one with couples looking to better their relationship with one another; as well as welcoming individual betterment for oneself. With her wide range of expertise and study she will help anyone that is willing to make their world a better place and find meaning in issues that they may be approaching or dealing with at the moment.

Some have said, “Her presence makes them feel as though the weight of the world has lifted from their shoulders, and that they are more secure, have hope and can focus again.” Lindsey has a true and rare gift that she applies in her work–methods that I have never witnessed or felt from any intuitive coach in previous times. She literally makes you feel at home with her, as though you are with a friend you have always known and will always be by your side no matter what you are going through. She opens her heart and amazing gifts to everyone, upholds the utmost integrity and makes sure that you receive exactly what you are needing and accomplishing the goals you have or want to set for yourself and your surroundings. Lindsey is extremely inspiring and motivating in aiding others to set up the life they deserve and have been dreaming of. You can find Lindsey on Facebook or book a session with her today through us at Golden Almach Creation!

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