Audio Recordings

Audio Recordings

On this page you will find audio recordings of previous group DNA Imprint activation teleconference calls. Feel free to use these to assist you in your healing and meditation practices. I ask that out of respect for this work that you use these recordings for your own personal development and give it the respect which it deserves. I hope that you enjoy these recordings and that they keep you refreshed before the next scheduled teleconference.

Rainbow Elemental Chakra Toxin Cleansing Teleconference August 2015

Pegasus St. Germain Chakra Toxin Cleansing Teleconference July 2015 

Centaur Alpha Centaurii Chakra Toxin Cleansing Teleconference April 2015

Lion Leonis DNA Activation Teleconference January 2015

Fairy Pyxis DNA Activation Teleconference September 2014

Dragon Draconian DNA Activation Teleconference August 2014

Planet Saturn Sonari DNA Activation Teleconference June 2014

Zeta Reticuli DNA Activation Teleconference May 2014

Condor Owl/Eagle DNA Activation Teleconference April 2014

GACS Featured on the Radio for the New Living Expo in April 2014