September 2014 Cosmic Energy Update

September 2014 Cosmic Energy Update

acorn fairy Greetings to everyone,
Before we discuss the energies of this months cosmic portal I would like to acknowledge everyone who has been following the cosmic energy update posts every month. In the beginning of starting to write this spirituality blog I was unsure as to whether or not sharing the conscious wisdom which our planet Ekken Ekeinne uses would be useful to any of you in your lives and paths. For many lifetimes I have known about the wisdom of the cosmic energy portals in which planets use to benefit the life which they support. Only now have I decided to share this information with all of you since Ekken Ekeinne encouraged me to do so. Thank you for being open to receive, listen, experience and learn from what Golden Almach Creation has to offer.

In a sense, the cosmic energy portals are an expression of Ekken Ekienne’s personal feelings and desires which change from month to month. Humanity operates in a similar way to Ekken in the way that we shift our desires, our goals and our focus each month. The cyclical nature of each month, as according to the Gregorian calendar cycle, is in alignment with the basic structure in which humanity uses to shift and change life experiences to fit with the seasons and also with personal transformational journeys. Each month we have an opportunity to reset and restructure our lives in a way that works in accordance with the fundamental values of our soul and spirit. Each month of our lives can become a new lifetime and a new life expression just as each day you can begin anew. By interpreting cosmic energy updates you can create strategies in order to maximize the results of your efforts to evolve and expand.

The cosmic energy updates give you a way to see into the forces which are moving the collective experiences on the planet so that you know how your energies are either working in alignment with the shifts which the planet are experiencing. By understanding the way in which cosmic energies flow and work with our planet you can utilize them to propel yourself forward and have the maximum support functioning with you at all times. For those of you who have your DNA charts, by reading the names of the DNA aspects you have you can cultivate closeness and clarity into your true nature and personality. By having the knowledge of the names and identities of the forces which reside within us, within our DNA, and those which are working with our planet we are able to master all aspects of our realities.

Knowledge when put into practice, especially when we can correlate the phenomenon of the DNA aspects and cosmic energy portals in our daily lives can be an incredibly powerful tool for our consciousness and growth. On a deep level our psyches crave knowledge and understanding in order to fully realize what is happening within all aspects of our realities, especia those which are unseen. Although we may not be able to see every spectrum of light, or every possible reality which can exist, our psyches and consciousness craves to connect to them and understand them on a subtle level. All of the services which I provide seek to offer connection, understanding and real wisdom to everyone I encounter.

By seeking to understand the multi-dimensional aspects of creation and consciousness we begin to uncover our own true natures and fulfill desires on levels which we may not have realized were possible before. It is my hope that you enjoy connecting the dots together with some of the wisdom which is offered here at Golden Almach Creation so that you can better connect with all aspects of your life and world. If you have not done so yet I suggest that you write a journal or keep some type of record with your DNA charts and other notes about spirituality since you can begin to discover connections and correlations between what is happening in your personal lives and how it connects to the intention and general energies behind cosmic energy portals and your personal DNA activation processes. Since there are previous digests written for other cosmic energy updates I suggest that you can go back into reading them and see how they correlated with what was happening in your personal lives at those times.

By charting and mapping the process of activation and planetary awakening (which unfolds each month through each cosmic energy star gate opening) you will feel a deeper connection to the nature of your true self and true relations. When we revisit old information and past experiences we can begin to see how we have changed and evolved already. Transformation for humanity has been happening at an accelerated rate especially since the portal opening in December 2012, if you were keeping notes about the general changes which have happened for yourself personally or even for those who appear to be generally closed to growth you will be surprised at the tremendous leaps and bounds which humanity has already taken. Although there may be strife and some struggle such as war, sickness and unhealthy competition existing in the external realities of this planet there are still very many hidden gems of illumination and love existing around us.

Many of the gems of evolution and growth are coming out from hiding, especially this September 2014 since we have walked through the Pyxis Constellation star gate which brings us elemental and nature healing from the fairies and elves. The fairies are real mystical humanoids with beautiful wings and sparkling personalities, they exist in our physical and astral realms. The fairies are wonderful teachers showing us how to enjoy being in nature and how to enjoy simply being ourselves. Fairies are not afraid to outwardly express their joy and excitement to be connected with others and also with the animals. Fairies fearlessly show love even in the face of a situation which may seem scary or dismal, so this month we may be challenged to show love when we may have withheld it before.

Fairies break through all of their obstacles by using laughter and joy as their tools. Fairies are also wonderful at renovating what is broken since they work in teams to fix anything which is no longer functional. For this month we will be challenged to work as the fairies do first by identifying what is no longer functioning in our lives. After we have acknowledged what is no longer working in our lives or in the worlds around us, we can build a team or support group to help us accomplish fixing anything we need for ourselves to thrive. If we already have support groups or communities to help us to address our personal and environmental issues we can call upon them and intend to deepen our respect and love towards one another.

Since the fairies are masters at working in teams, they can help us to restore or strengthen the ways in which we connect with our communities so that we can mutually benefit one another. The fairies are coming out this month from their hiding spots, some of them may even be brave enough to show us their presence by showing up astrally or maybe even physically if we are lucky and vibrating at a high enough frequency. Be sure to call upon the joyous and collaborative nature of the fairies to accomplish all that you have planned for yourself and for your communities this month. Know that the best way to invoke the energies of the fairies is to dance, play, sing and be in joyful community. Above all, make sure to have fun always and do the fairy dance as much as you can.
With love and gratitude to you all,
Chelsea “Chela” Cooley

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