October 2014 Cosmic Energy Update

October 2014 Cosmic Energy Update

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Greetings to everyone,
Time has moved quickly again for all of us on Ekken as we continue to move forward with our goals and life paths. Another month and another cosmic energy portal have opened this month of October now that the fairy portal of September has closed. During September we were able to enjoy the upbeat and playful energies of the fairies and hopefully we took some time to dance and celebrate with them. The fairies help to support us in connecting with the individuals who surround us with love and real help and in September they were especially working behind the scenes helping us to find the ones who are truly supporting and loving in our lives.
Many individuals or even some guides have shifted for humanity as a whole. Change is required as our standards in relationships and interconnectedness shift according to our individual needs and desires.

If we are seeking a path of transformation and growth then we will be asked to change and grow accordingly. Changing the landscapes of our social worlds is challenging but can create space for new relationships to arise. In September you may have found that the fairies were urging you to evaluate any connections you had to others in a methodical and analytical way. Fairies are not typically known for their ability to analyze relationships but they are in fact highly focused on connecting to only the absolute best of individuals.

This month of October we are working with the energies of the energies and consciousness which emanates from the Perseus Constellation. The Perseus Constellation is where all mermaids/merman originate from. Perseus has mostly aquatic planets which provide homes for all kinds of aquatic animals such as fish, whales and sea dragons. Although there is a lot of variety of aquatic life from Perseus the predominate life form there is that of the mermaids and mermen.

The mermaid/ merman culture is one which is mostly communal and depends on telepathic communication in order to survive in their aquatic environments. The mermaids are able to make friends with all kinds of aquatic animals and are especially working with the dolphins in order to establish safe havens in their aquatic worlds. Some mermaids choose to work in solitary ways and are known to branch off into specific and small family clans rather than very large groups. Mermaids have found that by working with close friends and close family members they secure more safety rather than traveling in large groups and attracting too much attention.

For this month we will experience healing and new cultural influences which the mermaids and mermen are providing us from their aquatic planets in Perseus. Aquatic healing is very specific in the way that it works to soothe and ease physical discomfort and agitations. The Perseus cosmic energy portal will work mostly on your mid and lower back since the aquatic healing helps to create feelings of weightlessness and relaxation. If you feel as though you are floating in water any time this month, this is due to the specialized aquatic healing which the Perseus portal provides which will help especially your physical body to adjust to the amplified healing frequencies which are being opened up on our planet. The Perseus wisdom is focused on healing any issues with the spine and physical integrity/ strength so that humanity as a whole can experience the body in a fully integrated and clear way.

If you experience any kind of stress or discomfort especially with the spine, it is ideal to submerge yourself in water for this month. Swimming, bathing and relaxing around water will assist you in bringing in the energies of Perseus and the mermaid/merman collective healing frequencies. Ekken, our beautiful planet, will also be receiving some necessary aquatic healing when she utilizes the Perseus portal this month. Remember the key to feeling full, complete and totally supported this month is by experiencing the powerful healing and rejuvenation which the water can provide. Return to the water, return to your inner calm and float in the stillness of the void. May you all enjoy the energies of all of the loving water realm and heal all that you are seeking to address, for all times.
In Light,

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