November 2014 Cosmic Energy Update

November 2014 Cosmic Energy Update

beautiful archer womanGreetings to everyone and I hope that this post brings you joy and happiness. Last month we were honored to experience the aquatic healing from the Perseus mermaid portal. We also had an incredibly profound chakra cleansing teleconference in October which seemed to last for many days afterwards. For those of you who are facilitators of healing, you may have noticed that the aquatic mermaid healing has prolonged the duration of the positive effects of the healing sessions which you give to others. The reason for this is that the aquatic frequencies are able to sustain or wash over us for a longer duration when combined with other elements and healing modalities.

Now that we have gotten some upgraded healing tools as a result of the Perseus mermaid portal we are able to experience the new cosmic energy portal which Ekken has opened up for this month. The duration of the cosmic energy portals fluctuates it is not exact and tends to not match up with the Gregorian calendar start and end dates for each month. Typically the cosmic energy portals do not open until around the 10th or later at the beginning of each month. Although the cosmic energy portals seem to open later on in the beginning of the month they do seem to end promptly at the exact end date of each month. The analysis of each cosmic energy portal up until now has been continually inspiring and very revealing about the mood and atmosphere which surrounds each month. When we interpret and understand the different ways in which cosmic energy portals are functioning they can help us to predict patterns, energies and tendencies which may arise in our lives.

This month Ekken was torn between using either the praying mantis Fornax Constellation portal or that of Sagittarius Constellation where the ancient humans originate from. The reason why the cosmic energy portal has been fluctuating between these two different essences is due to the extremely challenging phenomenon which has been coming up for humanity across creation. Ekken choses the cosmic energy portals in order to interface with the essences and spirit of what will be useful to all of the planet, to humanity and to all of nature so that all will thrive and be totally healthy. On a personal note, it has been interesting to see how the praying mantis and ancient humans have been assisting humanity and Ekken in determining what will be the most beneficial for all this month. In a sense the energies were partially blended between the praying mantis and ancient human (original human consciousnesses) from November 5th until today November 14th, 2014. Now the portal has gone direct meaning that Ekken has lined up her primary star gate opening to being aligned with Sagittarius Constellation exclusively for the benefit of the collectives of human DNA blueprints.

Due to some of the seemingly outwardly hostile global military presences there has been an increase in the importance for Ekken to use the power of constellations/ other planets. When Ekken opens up etheric, energetic star gates to other constellations and or planets which contain those energies these assist humanity in perceiving what is truth in a seemingly endless pool of misinformation. For countless years humanity has been made to fear certain groups or cultures so that they distrust anyone who is breaking away from what is common/ comfortable for themselves on personal levels. Due to the deep-seeded distrust amongst the entire families of humanity there is some healing which needs to occur on the collective human level. For this reason, Ekken is drawing upon the wisdom and experience from Sagittarius Constellation so that our concepts of what it means to be a human can be explored, integrated and re-purposed into our personal lives.

Who are the ancient humans and what do they offer us this month? The ancient humans are the original human race from this Universe although they originally come from the galactic center which is found inside of the Sagittarius Constellation. The ancient humans are still represented here on Ekken and can be found in present day and historical indigenous peoples/ Native Americans here on Ekken. The ancient humans help us to feel our primordial human spirit, that which is connected to nature and to the thoughts and desires of our planet.

The ancient humans represent the ability to listen, to be patient, to be innovative and above all to be able to love one another on a human level. These are abilities which come naturally to ancient humans since they are connected to the spirit of patience and familial love for all of humanity. We are being challenged to see ourselves as part of the inter-connected human family this month so that we can embrace and honor all members of our human family, despite any resistances we may have. There is deep fundamental healing which is necessary in order to move forward in evolution for all of humanity and we are returning to our roots this month by revisiting our ability to connect to one another on a human level.

Although there is a tendency to distrust one another in the human collective, this is our opportunity to revisit our relationships to the entirety of the human race and all of our human families. Deep wounds, fears or programs may arise for us to revisit so that we release blocks to our evolution individually and also collectively with the entire human family. Healing may not always be pretty especially when discoveries are made that are shocking or unexpected in nature. There are kernels of truth and wisdom which are slowly blossoming within the minds of humanity, they are ripe and are ready to be harvested when we are ready to accept the abundance of our spirit.

Ancient humans also provide us with an opportunity to safeguard and protect all that is beautiful within us and all that we create out of love and joy. The main tools which ancient humans use to protect themselves with is that of the archery bow and arrows. The symbol of the archer is a part of the ancient human consciousness, they were the first to develop the technology with the help of creator. Creator saw the necessity for humanity to have tools in which to protect themselves with so that their essence would always be safe from harmful manipulation or blueprint damage.

Humanity has struggled with taking on the responsibility of protecting themselves, especially when danger is around, this is because some of us have forgotten to work with creator on a personal level. By working with the consciousness of creator, humanity will gain back their confidence in feeling safe, secure and fully prosperous in all ways. When we turn to the religious energy of god (which is different from creator) we turn our backs on the tools which the ancient humans gave us and we also disregard that which is essential to our nature and to our true selves. Creation is a part of us, a part of our DNA and it is the force which inspires all of humanity.

This month we will be able to revisit some of our most ancient, natural and connected parts of us and our human natures. If we feel stuck on this healing journey we can call upon the protective and innovative energy of the archery bow which was gifted to us from Sagittarius Constellation and creator. We may even begin to remember the tools which we implemented for ourselves in our pasts, past lives or even ancient technologies which have assisted us to embrace and love all that is good in humanity. Know that humanity is a beautiful part of creation and despite our perceived flaws or frustrations, we are totally deserving of love and a healthy happy evolutionary experience. Happy healing everyone and I hope that you all enjoy the beautiful spirit of humanity this November and for all times!


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