New Website Wases and Rexa

New Website Wases and Rexa

Greetings everyone!

Recently I have started a new website with my beloved to share with all of you. On this webpage we have put many beautiful posts about our cosmic friends and family. It also has terrific music posted which support the DNA Imprints. The link to the site:

Here is another website where you can find relevant articles:

Please note that the /wases website is a different from the Wases and Rexa website.

All websites will be updated on a regular basis.


This new website is meant to be used as a form of transmission from our Galactic families. The languages and channelings are written in Frisian (European), some English and mostly in Galactic star languages in order to maintain the purity of the messages themselves. The gallery pictures and news posts are from different space cultures/ star lineages to remind us of our heritage. They bring great cleansing and healing just by looking at them. I encourage everyone to feel into the energies of these posts instead of using the mind to figure out what the messages mean to you.

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