MK Ultra Revealed

MK Ultra Revealed


MK Ultra Revealed

I dedicate this article to James Casbolt aka Michael Prince, the one who inspired me to de-program, break the system and lead.

Many of us have heard about mk ultra before, we know that it comes from the CIA originally and almost everyone agrees that this program is in fact a real thing, if they have even heard of it before. The main confusion comes with the fact that nearly all information about mk ultra is written in a way to make you think that the program is over, that it was merely an experiment conducted in the past which ended there. How did it end then if all of the information about their experiments and actions are still not public or fully exposed? The issue is that the CIA is still continuing with abusing and torturing humans with this mind control program. It never ended in the first place. You may be asking how can this be so and why do I care?

Well for starters everyone should care if anyone is being tortured or enslaved by a group of artificially empowered psychopaths whose main purpose is to harm and steal from as many people as possible. While it is true that mk ultra mind control program only targets a very small portion of human society as its agents, it should matter to you because any human who is undergoing this program is a threat to the safety of all of humanity. This mind control program creates destructive and psychopathic attitudes in humans who are under their control. If you don’t agree with shootings, murder, assassinations, espionage or extortion then you should do your best to take this matter seriously and expose the ugliness of this program in whatever way you can. Being aware of these kinds of issues does a lot to neutralize and eventually end these programs altogether. Knowledge and education is key to removing corruption from society. If you don’t have a solution to resolve these issues the very least that you can do is treat the issue seriously and educate yourself as much as possible so that you avoid its harms and casualties. With the awareness of you as an individual you can ignite awareness in others more easily. When you are knowledgeable about what is happening in the world you can help others to become grounded in the truth as well.

So what does mk ultra do? In the early stages of the mk ultra program secret governmental programs took American soldiers and abducted other individuals to experiment different kinds of mind control programs. This program forcefully manipulated the bodies and minds of the victims they were targeting in the beginning, basically anyone they could take and get away with abducted or harming without others trying to intervene or protect them. In the beginning they focused their efforts to mind control military personnel because they had already signed consent waivers with the governmental institutions which gave up many of their basic human rights, thereby allowing them to be manipulated and physically harmed or altered without any right to say no after agreeing to it and signing off on a contract because of military obligations.

There were also other people who were abducted forcefully to be experimented on by this sick program who had no military association nor any understanding as to what or why they were undergoing mind control. Originally they used psychedelic drugs to alter the mindsets of the people they were torturing in these programs in order to get them into an impressionable, open and easily programmable state. When someone is under the influence of psychedelic drugs they are susceptible to being influenced by any entity or individual who is in their proximity, it is a very dangerous thing to be altered mentally by psychedelic drugs, especially when another individual is present who is completely coherent who has negative intentions to control or harm you.

Drugs were the basis of the mind control programs started by these twisted private and governmental agencies since they knew that humans would never willingly submit themselves to damage their intrinsic rights and morals without altering their normal state of mind. Humans are surprisingly resilient to keeping their morals and kindness close to them, they usually have to be forced into acts of evil or corruption through either manipulation, persuasion or extreme mental/ emotional harm over time. As I have stated before many times, if there wasn’t a negative stimulus existing on our planet perpetuated by society and media we would not have humanity acting as aggressively and as corrupted as they are today. This is a fact that the environment shapes the individual and let’s face it, many humans are in the worst kind of environments possible in many parts of our planet, especially because of the existence of money.

In general, there are only a few sick humans who actively choose to go along with these programs today usually because they are manipulated into agreeing upon the terms of being mind controlled because they believe it is serving some type of “noble” purpose. This is also why this program still continually targets military personnel for the main reason that they are already persuaded by the romanticism of patriotism and sacrifice. If someone already agrees that sacrifice is good and moral even if it means losing all of their individual rights and happiness, then these are the exact types of individuals that this program seeks to target. In order for a human to stay confined in the prisons which they are kept in these programs they have to agree to it to a certain extent in order to arrive there in the first place.

Although this is clearly not the case in every circumstance, it is apparent why these programs seek targets who can be easily controlled and manipulated with little to no exposure or participation in society after they have been indoctrinated. Although this program only pertains to the smallest portion of society directly, indirectly this program is being used through TV mind control, suggestive hypnotic suggestions in Radio/ Advertisement/ societal dogmas. Basically, all of us have been affected by the results of the sick mind control experiments of mk ultra which was created by combining: drugs, torture, surgical invasion, hyper-stimulation, sleep-deprivation, rape, auditory sound weapons against the victims which they targeted many years ago. There are many more disgusting details in between all of what I have stated but I do not feel that it is important to focus on the atrocities themselves. Rather let us expose the ugliness so that we can directly manage the damage and move past this sickness, this is my goal, to expose the evil so that we can confront it head on and ensure the safety and health of humanity now and for all future generations. In general, this topic brings up a lot of feelings of confusion, sometimes panic and anger for individuals as it should. What I am about to say next may increase some of these feelings and I apologize in advance but is imperative to expose the intentions and the sickness which this program is perpetuating in society.

Who are the main targets for the mk ultra program today? While I have explained previously that mk ultra targets military and adult civilians in the early stages of their program I would like to explain how they have changed their program and who they are targeting now. As a result of their findings of many years of torturing humans, subjecting them to hypnosis and torture, they have now moved their targets to children. Yes, mk ultra is mainly focused now on indoctrinating and controlling the minds of children. They usually gain access to controlling and manipulating children by convincing parents that the child who they are targeting has “learning disabilities” they say this in order to remove the child from other children and in general away from the main view of general society.

Special Education is used as a huge cover to subject some children to mk ultra. Albeit not all children in Special Education are enrolled in this disturbing program, they are able to control and begin influencing children who at a young age through these programs who they have chosen as their targets. Usually they choose children who are experiencing high traffic of “ET”/ alien contact, have strong psychic abilities, are naturally inclined to physical fitness and extreme strength, are strategic masterminds (for war) or are naturally loyal and obedient. A child only needs to exhibit one of these traits to be considered for this program, they do not have to have all in order to be unfortunately subjected to this horrible abuse against their human rights by being enrolled in mk ultra. Once they have had a personality test of all children who are eligible for the program then they subject them to IQ tests, pattern recognition tests, auditory and physical fitness tests in order to see if the child is ideal for the mk ultra program.

Usually they use the individuals who they have in their programs to be used as “super soldiers,” governmental agents, politicians, or even celebrities. The requirements for certain mind control programs vary as well as the purpose and aim. Some programs are created for controlling the sexuality of an individual in order to exploit them as a sex puppet or automatic prostitute this program is called “Kitten” programming. Super soldier programs or “Monarch” programs are aimed to create soldiers who will push through any obstacle, they especially make a child ostracized, alienated and abused by other children or parents at an early age in order to make them “tough” against the suffering which they will endure later as a soldier at their command. Usually the recruiting agents of mk ultra create circumstances to sway an individual to fall into the path which they have chosen for them. If they want their mind control victims to be soldiers they will make sure that the individual is a social outcast, always downgraded, insulted and shamed to the point of violence.

They encourage children to fight and maim the child who they want to be a soldier in order to give them experience in battle by engaging in fights on a daily basis. In order to manipulate an individual into getting into the “Kitten” programming they create a forceful pressure in the individual’s life that they are not attractive, that they are not wanted or desired by another person, usually they start this program for their targets around twelve years old. For the “Monarch” program they start children as early as possible, even at the age of five or earlier depending on how early on they can get the parents to consent to handing their children over to the program to be controlled. Typically a parent of the child must consent or go into a contract with these agencies in order to enroll them into this kind of mental and physical torture. Only one parent’s approval is needed to do this, from there on out, the rest of the child’s life is thrown into absolute chaos and horror. Be wary of any Special Education program which does not disclose its daily activities to you as a parent, also if your child does not speak or has become silent/ non-communicative in a Special Education program then this is a warning sign that maybe your child has become a target or has been enrolled in an mk ultra program without your consent.

I want to be perfectly clear, I do not believe in any way that Special Education for children is inherently bad but I do want everyone to know that only a handful of these programs are acting as a cover to hide something nefarious which is being inflicted upon children. There is a clear definition between what is a real learning disability, physical/ mental disability and also the difference between a child who is instinctual, overly-creative or different who does not fit the norm of society yet who has been put into Special Education anyways. These are the children and individuals I am talking about. Typically these individuals are not understood by people because of the complexity of what they believe in, what they talk about or how they express themselves. Because an individual is complex, this doesn’t mean that they need to be treated any differently, nor does an individual with disabilities. When an individual has disabilities they of course would love to be treated the same as anyone else, even if they need special treatment.

In general, our education system in the United States is fractured, suppressing and full of secretive covert corrupted practices which need to be exposed, prevented and eliminated altogether. There are many ways in which the mk ultra program intersects not just into education but also into entertainment, politics and many more aspects. To go into these details would require writing an entire book, many individuals have already explored and discussed the complexities of these programs and how embedded they have become into our culture.

How do you recognize if someone is an mk ultra agent? First of all every single mk ultra agent clearly supports and uses all illuminati symbolism in their fashion, their physical expressions, such as the all seeing eye or covering their eye. We have all seen this symbolism being used everywhere in media but if you are with someone in person and they are constantly covering one of their eyes with their hair, clothing or anything at all on a very constant and deliberate basis this is an indication that the individual either is worshipping illuminati or they are a an individual who is under the hypnosis of the mk ultra mind control program which we have been discussing.

They have a tendency to move their fingers and hands impulsively although they are reaching for a weapon or trying to fire the trigger of a gun consistently. They hide their eyes when you try to look at them directly so that you cannot see that their appearance and demeanor has been manipulated and changed, especially if they are a super solider. Super soliders typically do not exhibit emotion, they are overly analtyical and will not show when they are in pain or especially when they are hurting emotionally. They are stern and their body language is closed off yet physically confrontational with one of their arms always free and nearby a pocket or bag, wherever they instinctively feel that they will be keeping a weapon nearby.

Super solider or “monarch” programmed individuals have a lot of understanding of military terms, theories and also about weapons, they seem to come by this information with little to no effort and this interest will only be revealed when you challenge them on their understanding and knowledge about military and warfare. “Monarch” controlled individuals will also push past their pain beyond normal limits, pushing themselves physically to the point of ruin if they feel they must fight or prove something to another individual to save their reputation as a confident fighter and killer. Their eyes are always dark under the eyes yet their eyes seem to be very bright. Also their eyes will twitch and sometimes water without them caring or noticing because of the trauma they feel inside of their head. They will burst out into violence when they are pushed or threatened and come with extreme force and physical prowess which seems to come out of nowhere. Usually they give off a reserved, silent and studious outward appearance to others.

They also will have the tendency to repeat countless times strange phrases and speak to themselves in low tones so that you cannot hear them but you will be able to see their lips moving. In general you will be able to notice constant eye twitching, silent and withdrawn odd behavior in any mind controlled individual. The biggest indication that someone is mind controlled is that the individual no longer shows an interest in anything which they were very passionate about and instead do the exact opposite of their character and nature without being communicative of why when you ask them. They always act as though they are keeping a secret because they are in fact keeping a secret that something terrible has happened to them and they are blocked from the ability to speak out about it because they have been programmed to not speak about certain things. Also, mind controlled individuals will not be able to answer even basic questions at times because they were conditioned to not speak in general about anything which can reveal what has gone wrong with them.

For “Kitten” programmed people they will act overtly sexual and with no discretion or regard for their body or for themselves or others. They will flaunt their body and be aggressively physical in a sexual way if they are from the “Kitten” program. They will entice and lure people into sexual circumstances forcefully with deceptive words and very cryptic strange sayings. “Kitten” programmed individuals are usually reserved until they are activated to perform for their puppet master, meaning that they obey as sexual slaves to their handlers and perform sexual acts without question. Their behavior usually comes off as shy to their family members and friends, they may even act extremely shy to throw them off from the fact that they are actually overly sexualized puppets. “Kitten” programmed individuals will always attack and degrade the beauty of another individual in order to feel more confident and boosted about themselves and their own appearance in order to fulfill the needs of the program to be sexually desirable at all times. They feel threatened by any individual who they believe is more attractive than they are and will become violent towards them in order to “protect” their reputation from being tarnished as a sexual performer.

How to cure mk ultra programming? Thankfully there are ways to cure the sickness of mk ultra programming which are very simple to apply to your everyday life. Everyone can benefit from cleansing from this type of programming, especially since this programming is in many aspects of society currently. With all healing, you need to be willing to cleanse and remove the programming in the first place, you cannot force another individual to cleanse against their will. If you know or suspect that someone is suffering from this type of programming and want to help them, I will be the first one to caution you against this. You can try to explain to them the benefit of breaking free from programming, you can offer a new perspective for thinking and conceptualizing about the situation but never try to force them to cleanse because you may put your life at risk as a result.

To remove the programming it is fairly simple, have images of Robin birds, scientific name Turdus migratorius or classification True Thrush on your devices, in your home space, wherever you can access the images easily. The image and sounds of this bird will literally scare away the manifestation of the mk ultra programming. This is something simple and accessible everyone can do. You do not need to have a specific application, just know that this bird literally destroys the programming since it scares the “butterfly” mimic which is imprinted upon the minds of mk ultra programmed individuals. If you feel particularly inundated by this type of programming make sure to also listen to their bird songs which you can find here:

This bird is capable of scaring away this fake “butterfly” mimic imprinted upon the minds of programmed individuals, the image, sounds and energy which this bird specializes in is one of a dominant consciousness which is impervious to mental manipulation. They have natural immunities and stubbornness against being controlled in general, in particular they are sensitive to mental corruption and avoid anyone or anything which has a corrupted mindset by choice. These birds are confident and strong although they look small, their minds are incredibly powerful, whenever they encounter any being which is heavily programmed they will show up trying to break the programming with their bird song and physical presence. If you are lucky enough to see these birds in nature then you will receive great benefit so please show them and all nature beings your deepest respect and love. The best way to show gratitude to these birds and to all nature beings in general is to leave them alone and respect their deep need to be free from captivity and free in their natural environment.

Examples of mk ultra agents:

Women in “Kitten” mk ultra programming: Alizée Jacotey, Rihanna, Taylor Swift, Beyoncé, Angelina Jolie, Shakira Mebarak, Madonna (before she got taken over by archon) and Julia Roberts to name a few.

Men in “monarch” mk ultra programming: Tom Cruise, George Clooney, Billy Ray Cyrus, Justin Timberlake, Jay Z, Kanye West (before he got taken over by archon) and Lil Wayne to name a few.

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