May 2017 Cosmic Energy Portal

Creativity, inspiration & foundation.

Creative energy coming through the Wood Elemental cosmic portal this May 2017.

Haita Alt! Greetings everyone!

For all of you who are inspired in your creative activities whether it be artwork, music, dance and so many other forms of expression if you have been feeling a block to your creativity this will be dissolving rapidly for you.
Obstacles to creation especially in terms of the art of creativity and ability for you to use unique forms of self expression will be pushed out of your system and you will feel an incoming sense of imagination and inspiration coming through. This new creativity will awaken your senses and give you a better sense of the direction your self empowerment and self healing will need to move towards. This month’s Cosmic Energy Portal encompasses the energy of the Wood Elemental. The Wood Elemental offers not only a new space for creativity to thrive but also means that supplies and resources will be made more readily available than they were before.

Did you have troubles finding your favorite music equipment or art supplies? Consider these things to be less of an issue as we move forward this month into mid June. Your inspiration will grow this month and it may even inspire you to take up your favorite hobby that you have abandoned before or is simply collecting dust somewhere in your house.
This creativity will act as a source of clarity just as the feeling of being underneath a tree refreshes you this will do the same but with the purpose of offering you structure and foundation to build your existing creative mind upon. If you can visualize the inner rings of a tree, the wood has a structure and it tells a story it can even map out just exactly how old the tree is, it keeps track of it by its markings as it grows. This month will help you to evaluate your story of your life and put it into creative practice. Use your past and your personal story to shape your creative activities especially for this month you will feel the power of your personal self and experience becoming more clear and defined. For this month it is also highly recommended that you be around trees and also have small pieces of wood to help you to feel more inspired and creative for any part of your life which you feel you need a boost.

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