May 2015 Cosmic Energy Update

May 2015 Cosmic Energy Update


Graness Westen (greetings my good friends in Vegan language),

This month is a very special cosmic energy portal which is connected with the Vega Constellation. Vega is a unique and rare cosmic energy portal which has a direct correlation with assisting humanity to remove societal programming and degrading thoughts which are a source of limitation for many humans on our planet Ekken Ekienne. Vega is the origin of a certain kind of humanoids who come from jungle environments and planets. The term Vegan describes all humanoids from Vega Constellation and the term Vegan is not pronounced vegan as it is in the English language this is because the Vegans, as a people, have absolutely no relationship to vegan-ism and vegetarianism whatsoever for those of you who were wondering. Vega has its own language system and has claimed the title of Vegan way before the existence of the word in the English language, if you were to say the name Vegan correctly, it is pronounced with a longer “a” sound in the middle and would be pronounced Vegaan instead. If you say the name correctly, or any of the names which have been mentioned in Almachian or in the original language in which these updates or your DNA charts you immediately begin to connect to the organic energies of creation with clarity and purpose. Pronunciation and accuracy does matter tremendously and there is a very high possibility that you have a Vegan DNA imprint yourself so please make an effort to keep the term vegan or vegetarian as something different in your consciousness when associating it with the Vegan people.

Although the spelling looks the same, the Vegan as a people have an entirely different relationship to their collective title and you will do a great benefit to yourself to add both ways of understanding the word vegan/ Vegan to your vocabulary. Again please do not be confused, this month is not a month for vegan non-dairy vegetarians and it has nothing to do with dietary choices, this month’s portal is a way of honoring the jungle humanoids who have brought amazing culture to our planet. The Vegans are jungle humanoids who usually have dark black skinned complexion, although this is not always the case as the color of one’s skin is not deterministic of any being. Vegans live in predominately forested, warm humid jungle environments. In the past here on our planet Ekken Ekeinne there has been a large amount of controversy and negativity directed towards humanity in general on the basis of race and racism.

Why has this been the case and how does it relate to the Vega portal which is open this month? First of all it is important to understand that racial identification in general is a falsehood not based on reality on this planet. Racism as a practice, even when used in a “positive sense” by being proud of a racial heritage is meant to separate and divide humanity from one another. If you believe that you are different from other humans on the basis of race then you will never be able to relate to others in a real sense. With racism, of any kind, even if you believe that being “proud” of being a certain race is good then you will always keep yourself separated in mind and also in body from other humans. This is an incredibly damaging way of living your life and is a habit which many humans unfortunately have due to societal programming. Racial labeling and identification is something in which Vegans especially have helped to dissolve on our planet Ekken Ekeinne since they have had racial thinking non-existent in their original culture off planet in Vega for countless Aeons. Although most of the Vegans appear dark in complexion they have not identified with their skin color as deterministic of their self-identity or culture. Instead they have no understanding of the difference between skin color from their collective Vegan group as being any different from other types of humans.

If you were to meet a Vegan on one of their original planets and ask then what they thought about different races they would have absolutely no clue what you were talking about since they have no way of knowing what racism is in the first place. Since Vegans have been embodied on our planet Ekken Ekeinne they have challenged the notions of racism and instead have put the focus on creating artistic masterpieces such as music, art, or dance. Vegans have also encouraged humanity to embrace the beauty of the physical body not just by seeing past the color of ones skin but also by enjoying the experiences that the physical body can have especially in athletics or while immersed in nature. This month will help all humans to experience the joyful nature of the experience of having a physical body since the Vegan energy and consciousness will assist with this.

Also if there are any underlying attitudes of racism, whether positively or negatively inclined, whatever the rationale may be behind it, our planet Ekken Ekeinne is simply done with this artificial ideology and practice. Our planet will not tolerate this childish behavior any longer. If you are hanging onto any racial notions, identifications of any kind then our planet Ekken Ekeinne will purify these harmful thoughts and damaging aspects which she can address herself directly. Also the Vegans will be helping to mitigate and heal the fractured parts of humanity’s mind which are stuck in racial and dualistic thinking. For those of you who have already let go of believing that racism is real at all you will feel the active nature of physical enjoyment readily accessible this month from the Vegan cosmic energy portal. You may feel your concepts of self-identity as a general whole being challenged this month since the dualistic nature of humanity is being challenged, especially in the identification of race and hierarchical thinking in general. Our planet Ekken Ekeinne as well as the Vegan collective are helping us and assisting each one of us directly so that we can let go of negative, limiting and damaging thoughts or activities which may still exist in our life and ideologies.

Check out this music video which has the spirit of Vega:

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