May 2014 Cosmic Energy Update

May 2014 Cosmic Energy Update

May 2014 Cosmic Energy Update

Greetings everyone!

I hope that your experience with Condor and Eagle was revealing and helpful to you this last April! Time certainly feels as though it is speeding up more and more since we have entered into the times of rapid transformation.

This is a time for profound spiritual healings. Already for this May, we have been absorbing the highly technical and precise healing energies, which opened up with the portal from Zeta Reticuli Constellation. Zeta Reticuli has accelerated energies when it is working in conjunction with Mother Earth. If we felt that change and transformation were progressing quickly last April. We haven’t seen anything yet. Zeta Reticuli offers us advanced technology, speed and a different form of clarity to see into the nature of ourselves. This month offers us ways to upgrade our lives. Our consciousness can clear and be focused on eliminating some unseen obstacles when we open ourselves to the possibility of working with spiriual technology which will be provided all month long!

Now is your great time to get rid of any possession, which are no longer needed, give to charity in order to make room to the new and give some help to others. The Zeta-Energy encomposes an oppurtunity to replace what you have outgrown with something fresh, exciting and new.

Zeta Reticuli beings have very powerful technology, but their bodies are gentle and fragile, they utilize technology of all kinds:


– Healing devices

– Electronics

– Music

Similarly we use technology in our daily lives, yet we do not realize that a lot of the technology, which we use, has alien origins. This month the Zeta-Energy will reveal to us in subtle ways the hidden hand of a celestial presence in our personal lives. If we were unsure of whether or not we are connected to the stars, starbeings/aliens, we will be given oppurtunities to open our minds to these possibilities! The Zeta presence on Earth has been integral to the entire global disclosure of the extra-terrestrial existance. During this portal you may find that information or wisdom, which you have been searching for on any topic, will be easy to find.

The Zetas are making information accessible very easily this month, since their portal is working with the consciousness of mother Earth with the assistance of akashic records through the use of their technology.

As usual the best way to receive healing and information, which is available through the Zeta portal is to intend, ask and open your mind to working with their benevolent presence.

Rexa <3 Wases

It is important to realize that there are some Zeta Reticuli’s, who are in need of healing and balancing, so make sure to seek a pure open hearted benevolent connection with them!

Like usual discernment takes practice and with each portal we have an opportunity to learn about the spirit essence, intention and consciousness, which is available in each portal. Use your own source of wisdom from the inside and if your connection to your own wisdom is not strong yet, then it may be helpful to speak with healers, guides and friends. Meditation as usual is also a wonderful tool to help clear your mind, so that you can open up to the new! The new essence and spirit of humanity is going through another re-birthing process this month. Make sure to give yourself the oppurtunity to reflect on your soul and spirit. May this portal energy serve you well!

Many blessings to you all!


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