March 2017 Cosmic Energy Update

March 2017 Cosmic Energy Update

Loving Transformation Emerging within us to

Improve our Lifestyle this March until mid April!

Haita Alt!

Greetings everyone! This portal has been very temperamental and well, shy as you can imagine due to it’s naturally soft and loving energy. The energy signature of this month’s Cosmic Energy Portal is that of the Butterfly, or Asaran as it is called in off planet Almachian language.

Butterflies are known for their beauty and ability to create meaningful associations of beauty for different kinds of beings. Whenever someone sees a butterfly they can sense the delicate glamor which they possess. Butterflies, when embodied as a DNA imprint (root DNA or “essence”) of a human typically allows a human being to be very skilled in working with color palettes for fashion, make up, or anything which is luxurious and pleasurable.

The butterfly is always seeking the freedom to experiment with it’s creativity and to interact with as many species as possible. This is why you see butterflies fearlessly interacting with any kind of species imaginable, even animals with tremendous size such as hippos, elephants, crocodiles and much more.

Butterflies are not afraid to transform or interact with species or beings within their environments who may pose a threat. Their light heart and curious nature pushes them to explore everything which exists in their space and this is the same energy which is driving us this month.

This month will push us to evaluate our lifestyle in particular, are there places where we do not feel joy and freedom? We will be pushed to question this and to find out how we can be in alignment with a gentle and loving approach towards our lives and especially towards ourselves. So float on gracefully like the butterfly with a smile on your face because with this month and into mid April you will see that transformation is effortless as it is with the butterfly. Embrace the changes in a joyous way and relax into a peaceful state of mind.

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