March 2015 Cosmic Energy Update

March 2015 Cosmic Energy Update


Greetings to everyone,

March is upon us and our time to reflect on our intentions for creating abundance and achieving realistic balance which came with the Drelis Lakshmi February 2015 cosmic energy portal are now complete. Although the expectation is entitlement for most people when it comes to abundance in the financial sphere of life, in February we were challenged to think of our relationship to money in a more balanced and fair way. Although many of us want to have prosperity, we may not always be able to see all the many ways in which it can show up in our lives if we are only open to receiving abundance in the realm of finances alone. Last month was a great opportunity for all of humanity to go into the process of deep introspection, asking ourselves what is it that we need really to thrive and feel fulfilled in our lives.

This month of March 2015 the happy and humorous Mokanla monkey portal has opened allowing for the spirit of ingenuity and friendliness to come through for all of us. Monkeys are masters of flexibility and have a naturally spontaneous spirit. You may feel yourself having the urge to be more spontaneous or social if you have not felt so previously. Monkeys are skillful tool builders, they use their environments to suit their needs and contribute their personal feats of basic innovation and simple technological achievements for the betterment of their families and friends. Most monkeys have incredibly nurturing and kind spirits since they look after one another with deep compassion and sincere concern for all of their kin. Monkeys are at peace with their natural environments and enjoy socialization as a form of establishing strength for themselves personally and also to create bonds with others.


Monkeys take the time to enjoy and marvel at their natural surroundings, they can hold and look at a single flower, a stone, or a leaf for many hours. When a monkey is peaceful they experience a state of deep love and total relaxation. Imagine the relaxation that comes from being very active physically as a monkey swinging from vines and climbing trees to unimaginable heights. There is a vast variety of monkey species on our planet which also means that this month’s portal will have a varied and rich quality of playful experiences in which humanity and nature can experience. To be playful this month will feel refreshing, if you have felt reserved or slightly down in your stamina from the deep introspective process of last month then you will feel more energy in the coming days as this month progresses.

By embracing socialization as well you will get to know the power which comes from being joyfully optimistic and connected to your fellow human being. When we take a chance to get out and explore we activate the curious and ingenious monkey spirit within us. For whoever doubts the genius or intelligence of monkeys I highly suggest that you observe monkeys in videos or in the wild (even better if it is available to you) since they are incredibly wise regardless of the current stigma that some people hold towards monkeys. Monkeys are great role models to humanity since they have managed to achieve peace, balance and live harmoniously and efficiently in their natural environments. Monkeys regard their natural environments and family groups with a sweetness and deep love which is a sentiment in which humanity could benefit from as well.

May you find the enjoyment in all things whether they may be small, grand or mundane. Enjoy the playful spirit of the monkey this month and hopefully you will receive great benefit from having many fun and spontaneous moments always. Check out this great video which clearly shows the intelligence and greatness of our monkey friends:


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