March 2014 Cosmic Energy Update

March 2014 Cosmic Energy Update


Greetings to you all!

This month March 2014 is already upon us. Time has been moving rapidly since the sun portal connection was fully established in December 2012. The Sirian energies of last February gave us an chance to bring up suppressed experiences, memories and feelings to the surface. Some of us were given more opportunities to discern our truth and re-establishing boundaries.

The Sirian energy brought the radiance, intensity, truth and heat which emanated from the Sun which resides in the Sirius constellation. The heat was turned up so that we could essentially burn out all which was ready to be discarded. We were able to let go of and bless everything in our lives and ourselves with gratitude and Love. We were blessed with the ancient wisdom of our collective selves and were given more radiant energies of truth.

These blazing fires of our souls have illuminated us more clearly from within. Expect an increased ability in your capacity to retain light codons and light energy fields especially when you allow yourself to become aware of your own process of accepting the power of light from within you.

By becoming more clear, which we will experience exponentially each day, this has provided us an space to delve more deeply into the nature of our own psyches. The portal which has opened for this month March 2014 has an aquatic essence, it is also very deeply psychological. Currently our Mother Earth is being saturated in the energies which are raining down from the Mintankan constellation. Mintanka is the realm of the Joyous (humanoid) frogs and amphibians. Mintanka has been blessing, clearing, and restoring all of the water beings and bodies of this sacred Earth for many cycles of eons.

You may feel an increased activity especially within your Ajna Brow chakra and Crown chakra this month. The reason for this is due to the fact that the joyous frog beings are assisting our Mother Earth in more than the cleansing and nourishing which they provide to the sacred waters here and on a subconscious level we all can feel it. The frog beings are specifically focusing their expertise on the collective Human consciousness, especially for this month of March since they are able to reach us and help to heal us of our deeply embedded psychological traumas and hang ups.


The best way to absorb the energies of Mintanka is to keep your mind as clear as possible, trust in the pure and clean energies of your own soul. Allow your own soul to show you what is within your mind instead of using an intellectual process, this month you will be processing so many psychological messages that focusing on them directly with the use of your left-brain will exhaust you.

The healing which frog beings can provide is beyond the scope or understanding of the left-brain although they are very systematic and organized in their approach to psychological or mind healing. Ask your heart, spirit and soul to show you what can be evaluated within your consciousness and leave the analytical process out as much as possible if you want to experience the endless energy and healing which this month can provide.

Ask quietly in your meditations, especially this month for the assistance of Mintanka and their joyous frog beings. They will gladly assist you if your heart and spirit are ready to receive it. Take the strain off of your mind this month and trust in your intuitive wisdom. If your up for it you can vow from this day forward to treat yourself well by committing to relieve the brain of its countless input. Ask for help from your guides, your higher self and maybe even from trusted friends especially if you find that you are stuck in a rut of negative thinking.

Evaluate your thinking, your psyche and wounds which may have come up already with the power which is generated from your heart. Not only can your heart and intuition help you to delve deeper into discovering more about the true nature of yourself and your spirit it can also connect you with the softness and love which is nourishing the Earth presently. If we intend to connect with the elements of the water, or even a real frog being in our physical presence we can especially invite the showering of loving and healing energies in this month.

By holding a real living frog in your hand (if they give you permission) you can feel how they can link up with your physical brain. When a live frog is by us or especially touching us, they are blessing us with their unique talents and abilities to help us to dig deeper into the files and data held within our own consciousness.

If you have not tried it before, I highly recommend it! If you have a fear of frogs then maybe you can ask yourself why and see where that type of mind-programming comes from. By opening up our hearts to offering love to the animals in our world, we open up the ability to give more love to ourselves. If you do not have an opportunity to get healed by a frog directly through the physical plane of existence, then know that this too shall pass since you can always call in a Mintankan frog energetically with the power of your wishes and intention. There are plenty of frog technicians ready to get to work healing and restoring all people who are open to receive more love and healing. So lets get to work by working on ourselves and by experiencing life joyously as the frog would do.

We give gratitude to all of the portals which the Earth is blessed with each month, every year, which has been present for many generations and aeons of time. We give gratitude to the energetic, physical, and spiritual beings which surround the Earth always constantly providing their love and their brilliant expertise in all ways.

We thank you and we also thank you Mintankans for offering your assistance for this month and for all times!

Smile Frog

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