June 2017 Cosmic Energy Update

Are you feeling the buzz and intensity of the electricity yet? This month the overpowering energy of the Electricity Elementals (or Okallaer in Andromedan Almachian language) is in full effect! Most of us encounter feelings of dullness, not feeling sharp with our wit at times or in general lazy or tired. The Electricity Elementals help us to shift gears out of lethargy and dis-empowerment by motivating us to tap into our inner warrior and motivator.

For those of us who don’t have a warrior spirit, we will be hyper motivated to get tasks done and will be fully focused much more easier than what our current standard may be. With this Cosmic Portal we all have an invitation to once more improve our productivity which is similar to the Gemni rabbit portal we had in April. The key difference with this month’s Cosmic Portal compared to other “productivity enhancing” months is that our productivity will increase and will also give us more energy resource physically.

Electricity Elementals have a continuous flow of motivation, force and assertion behind them. If you can imagine Thor wielding a hammer, he is ready for battle and also ready for action (he can make some nice weapons too with his Anvil). Like Thor we will find the balance between the need to enforce our values and also the time to focus on the important stuff in our lives and get projects done. Have you been holding off on a home renovation? A makeover? A new inspiring craft or activity you are too shy to start? Now is the time to plunge head in and get these things done since the mental hesitation and over-bearing mental energy/heaviness will subside significantly.

Electricity Elementals help us to shift into action with more instinctual response compared to relying heavily upon our mental concepts in order to work with the many aspects of our worlds. I have found that the majority of humanity has significant restrictions when it comes to experiencing spirituality because of the need to cling to the mind and physical comforts of this world. Once one shifts into instinct and drive, which Electricity Elementals thrive doing then accessing information, finding correct environments/communities and doing the right activities becomes easy. Be more like the Electricity Elementals and shift into DOING with less mental strain. Electricity Elementals are natural leaders with their families and communities because they trust their instincts and it serves them well; may this gift in this Cosmic Portal also serve you well.

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