June 2015 Cosmic Energy Update

June 2015 Cosmic Energy Update

cemusancosmicwindrainbowHaita Taila (hello to all in Almachian language),
Summer is here and with the change in seasons also comes new challenges to our personal growth and transformation. Constantly each one of us experiences psychological shifts which are responsible for affecting both inner and outer environments. No single person has been exempt from the deep psychological changes in which humanity has experienced due to the cleansing which all of our DNA and consciousness has experienced. In the most recent cosmic energy updates from the last three months there has been an aura of urgency and seriousness expressed around the need for more awareness in the collective of humanity. When one works consciously with the DNA imprints then they are able to understand the nature of creation is a clear and truthful way. Life begins to make sense and you are finally able to put things into their right context when you are able to understand events as being connected to the phenomena of the DNA imprint tendencies. This month of June we will be experiencing a connection with the part of our DNA which is mostly elemental in nature. As time progresses forward each one of us will be brought closer to the realm of nature . In particular we will befriend the elemental part of ourselves. Specifically the elemental energy is focused on the Cemusan cosmic wind and whirlwind portal which has opened for all of us in order to help accelerate our ability to make constructive and mindful changes in our lives.

What is Cemusan and how does it help us to live more fully and completely? The cosmic wind is a combination of an air elemental who is combined with the energy of a cosmic spiral Fevran. A Cemusan is a hybrid elemental since it has multiple elements involved in its creation and requires movement to express itself in a physical way. You can say that a spiral or vortex of wind energy is a mixture of kinetic movement which can create volatile and overpowering reactions as a result. Whatever the force of the wind touches it is directly affected with cleansing energies. The power of the wind is such that it can act as an overpowering force. It moves forward with speed towards what it wants and it embraces the future with eagerness and excitement.

For this month you will observe that this phenomenon will be central to most things you will encounter will be:

  • Personal ability to see things clearly and in the proper perspective allowing you to have the utmost happiness.

  • Your ability to expose corruption or any forces of negativity in your life which seek to suppress you or control you in any way which goes against your will.

  • Your ability to make rapid changes especially in any circumstance which is volatile or uncomfortable.

  • The clarity of self-knowledge will come with the cleansing winds and elemental energies. Your self-knowledge when combined with self-love will make you more productive.

These experiences which open up as a result of the existence of this wind of change allows us to experience stability of mind and body. We have entered into the window where change should and must be embraced totally and completely. Anyone hanging onto anything which is limiting creation or allowing negativity to act as a tyrant will not be able to walk through the window of the positive future. Embrace the future by loving yourself fully in the now.

Check out this music video which has the spirit of the cosmic wind:


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