June 2014 Cosmic Energy Update

June 2014 Cosmic Energy Update

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June 2014 Cosmic Energy Update

Greetings to everyone,
I hope that all of you are doing well and are enjoying the energies which have been coming in this June. Last May we experienced the profound healing and revelatory energies from the Zeta Reticuli portal. We were challenged to evaluate old patterns and free ourselves with surgical precision of anything that we have outgrown.
For this month, the energies from the cosmic energy portal from Saturn has been coming in gently and quietly. It is important to note that the energies of Saturn that come through cosmic portals are different from the identities and descriptions which Saturn is given in astrology. In these Cosmic energy updates we are discussing the pure cosmological identities and how these energies and consciousness are working in a direct way with the collective consciousness of humanity as well as our planet.

These cosmic energy updates serve to connect you to a direct relationship to unity consciousness since if you are open enough to feel into these energies you will begin to experience the wisdom which these cosmic portals hold. Try to break free from the confines of what you know already and open your mind to experience the energies of all of these cosmic portals in a more fluid, creative way. By allowing yourself to daydream, imagine and create within your own consciousness an experience of what these cosmic portals and beings are like you are actually bringing yourself closer to having a direct experience of what they really are.

Through the experience of visualization and creativity you can begin to feel what is correct about your perceptions and what is not based on how it makes your body feel. With every Cosmic energy update you have an opportunity to call in healing energies and wisdom expansion for yourself. By understanding the nature of the Cosmic energy portals which are available for our Planet we are able to bring in similar healing energies for ourselves. Each month has varied energies which come through for the benefit of all life which are available through the etheric Cosmic energy portals which our Planet Ekken (many of you have called her Planet Earth but her true name is Ekken Ekeinne) brings through for all. As time moves forward each moment spiritual evolution continues to urge us forward towards our most benevolent state.

The personality of Saturn tends to be very powerful but not in a direct or obvious way since Saturn energies are reserved and are typically shy. The energies of Saturn are operating in the background, they are not appearing in our lives in a direct and obvious way. Since Saturn is concealing its presence on our Planet Ekken its energy is able to assist us in our healing by transcending beyond our egos and thoughts.Saturn and the beings from Saturn who are called the Sonari are amplifying humanity’s ability to instantly manifest their will. Saturn is working diligently to assist humanity by providing everyone on the planet with their powerful structures of sacred geometry, the cube/ hexahedron. By using these Saturn cubes in visualization you are able to add physical structures/ materiality to your thoughts, emotions and manifestations. Although Saturn may be well known for its rings, its true benevolent un-corrupted energy signature uses a mixture of both the void and the cube to assist in the creation of all physical life.

Although astrology has explained Saturn as having an overly serious attitude, it actually has a kind and generous consciousness. Saturn has been depicted by some individuals in the spiritual/New Age movement as a sign of control and suppression since its symbols have been corrupted by secret societies and institutions. Although the symbols of Saturn have been abused by corrupted societies across the Globe, Saturn is taking back its purity of healing and manifestation abilities. Nothing will be able to distort the energies of Saturn for their own negative purposes ever again.

Since Saturn has embraced the sentiment of reclaiming its sovereignty recently, our Planet recognized that this attitude of “never again will I be abused or used” is pertinent and absolutely useful for all of life here. Saturn is helping us to push out the remaining negative energies and consciousness which seek to use life for their own gain. Saturn is helping us to see when negativity is directed our way and how we can clear it from our lives and consciousness. Since Saturn has the ability to create physical life, it also gives us the possibility to reform and reconstruct our lives into one of our own choosing rather than one pushed upon us by an authority figure.

For all of June we will be able to add structure, form, and organization to our most beloved creations and dreams. We can see the full actualization of what we are manifesting once we are fully conscious and clear enough in our consciousness to see our dreams unfold in the material/physical world. Saturn is helping us to break free from our self imposed prisons of limitation by offering us the gift of structure and form which we can add to our dreams and aspirations. Through this portal we are gifted with the opportunity to see things clearly, to give our lives more structure and to break free from any and all limitation which is pushed upon us. Now is certainly the time to leap forward and reclaim all parts of us and our dreams as our own sovereign right and creation. May this information serve you well on your journey.


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