July 2015 Cosmic Energy Update

July 2015 Cosmic Energy Update

Hesaraa Chuu (hello to all in Pegtara Pegasaurian language),

The winds of change from the Cemusan cosmic wind portal of last month have still been blustering and have been helping to mend the tapestries of our lives into a state of wholeness. With this force of wind, we have continued movement but this month the winds of change are centered around the presence of the Pegasus in our lives. This month the Pegasus Constellation energy portal has activated. The main leading force and mind behind the Pegasus portal comes from a being whom many of you may have heard of before. He is Saint Germain, the Nayak and creator of all Pegasus beings.

Saint Germain has appeared on our planet a couple of times before in the past. Every time he has shown up he has worked hard to help free humanity from economic and financial slavery. This month it is no different, his energy has come through to assist humanity, for those who are ready, to begin to shift their mindsets into thinking differently about the nature of their lives and to begin to re-imagine the many different ways in which they can exist in a more healthy way. Working for money is something which is counter to the basic functionality and health of humanity.

Saint Germain knows this and has made his personal mission one of dissolving the entire financial slavery system and instead re-instating a healthier way of exchanging energy and goods with cooperative and coordinated efforts of humanity. There are other methods in which exchange can be done efficiently which are more nourishing to the soul of every single human being. Saint Germain has been working on implementing different ways of exchange and abundance programs for all of humanity by learning through firsthand interactions with humanity and banking corporations what is needed and how to produce the best results.

If you can imagine that in the past the debts which humanity incurred were mostly paid with the slavery of a family member or with the death of the individual who owed a certain debt. Saint Germain recognized very early on in humanity’s existence on our planet that there is a deep need for this corrupt system of financial slavery to end. Especially when you take into consideration that the way in which humanity is treated in this system of financial slavery to debtors and monarchs has always been enforced with cruelty and injustice, for countless generations.

Despite this widely known fact that money is the biggest source of misery and destruction for all of humanity, nearly every single human being has accepted that everyone must work to live. Not only have they accepted this as a reality they have also agreed that everyone must work and have money to be allowed to survive in their physical bodies.

How can this be? Nobody really wants to do what they are doing currently in their daily lives, slaving away for money, even if they may have convinced themselves that they are okay with this practice over the years. What humanity is currently abiding by is a system which was put in place by inorganic entities which are called archons. Archons set up harmful negative behavioral programs in society which humanity has come to accept over thousands of years. Since humanity has accepted so much negativity into their personal lives and their surrounding culture as something normal, the Pegasus collective is here to convince us to choose a better and healthier way to live.

Since Saint Germain is helping our planet and humanity directly this month we will be shown different options for our lives. As always each month contains particular sets of energies which are coordinated between the cosmos and our planet to affect all organic life, especially humanity. These cosmic energy portals are coordinated to assist us in thriving and being in alignment with creation. Since I began writing the cosmic energy updates I have felt the collective energies of humanity moving throughout these waves of energies, sometimes people encounter these portals and clash against them. Some people choose to struggle against the various portals of energy with all of their might by forcing themselves into a negative mindset when the loving energies from the planet and the cosmos approach them. This is mostly due to a fear response in humanity when people react in ways which are less than ideal when dealing with the changes in the flow of Universal energies.
Humanity has not been informed that they are:

  • Always a part of the void. In fact they are floating throughout the void in space at all times,

  • All of us are a part of a collective human experience and consciousness,

  • Each one of us is playing an important part in creation

This means that some of us who do not accept these basic fundamental Universal laws, we will never live a happy, meaningful or healthy life. This is the truth which cannot be denied. To go against the nature of yourself and creation is counter-intuitive and also incredibly damaging. If you chose to continue to struggle against creation, nothing good will result from this action. As I always suggest, do you best to expand your mind and consider new possibilities. You will discover that you have your own source well of creativity and wisdom to draw from. When you search deep within you will find that all of the answers are there waiting to be explored and acknowledged.

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