July 2014 Cosmic Energy Update

July 2014 Cosmic Energy Update



Summer is now upon us and everything seems to be heating up. Last month we experienced an organization of our lives and spiritual selves with the assistance of the Saturn portal. It gave us an opportunity to restructure what we are trying to manifest in our lives and to refine what we are trying to create for ourselves. Now that we are already into the energies of July we have been submerged in the energies of the collective Archangel portal which our planet Ekken has opened up to assist us in healing and moving forward with our evolutionary process. These energetic portals work in conjunction with astrological alignments since they anchor our planet by providing extra support for the life residing here. Astrology has a different role to play and acts as a amplifier for emotional, psychological processes for humanity and for all life, these energetic portals which our planet uses act in a similar way but are used specifically to support the needs of all life on the planet. Ekken designed the energies of the portal this month to link directly with the hidden etheric realm, the Arc, where all of the Archangels reside. Since last month, the hierarchy amongst all the angels and Archangels has been removed. Archangels also used last month’s Saturn energies to help them to clear out all obscurations which were limiting their abilities to assist humanity.

Now that Archangels are clear, refocused and have removed some of their own corrupted bad seeds, they are able to interface with humanity in a more recognizable way. Their energies this month will be perceptible to those who are ready to communicate with their true selves and who are open to receive healing and guidance. The Archangels are specialists in the experience and needs of humanity and their energetic portal has not been directly opened or connected to Ekken since the birth of Muhammad in 570 CE. The Archangel portal was opened and accessible to humanity during the years in which Archangel Gabriel was working with Muhammad since this was a time when all other Archangels were also working with other humans on our planet, spreading their wisdom and teachings beyond the Middle East. Today the Archangel teachings have been vastly changed and have been transformed into religions or cults, although for a brief period of time in history humanity’s experiences with Archangels were based on first hand experiences and communications which they had with them.

As a result of some of the manipulations of the pure teachings of the Archangels some people make the mistake of worshipping them and acting as though an Archangel is able to provide something that they cannot provide for themselves. Since humanity has been worshipping Archangels they have limited or completely broken their connection to the angelic realm and are not able to access the wisdom and assistance which they have to offer. If you worship any benevolent being you are immediately cutting off your connection to them since they cannot interface with any person who feels they are limited or less than them.

Essentially, a belief in hierarchy makes it so that the benevolent beings cannot communicate with you since you are not able to understand or relate to their fundamental beliefs and gifts. By worshipping others you give away your power, therefore disempowering yourself to the point where you are no longer helping yourself. Once you have stopped helping yourself, benevolent beings cannot engage in a spiritual communication or energetic transmission with you since this would go against their basic principles of what is proper relationship with humanity. This month the Archangels will be able to communicate to humanity clearly as they did in the past now that they have cleared out many blockages which were preventing humans from being able to speak to them or request their assistance.

The Archangels are showing us it is our time to embrace our own personal power, to be open to assistance when it is needed and to see ourselves in a positive light. The Archangels always come to help those who are already helping themselves since they cannot impede on any person’s personal learning process nor would they intervene when an individual has demonstrated through their own action or inaction what their intention is. As we move into the Summer energies more we will feel the burning fires of purification within our hearts and also our minds. The Archangels will help us to remove any energies or thought patterns which are limiting us as long as we are ready to surrender them. The Archangels are ensuring that we purify ourselves and lift ourselves out of our self-imposed limitations, they are able to see into the nature of our minds and help us to balance our psychology.

The Archangels heal deep psychological wounds and patterns which can be very challenging to face, they will bring up some of the deepest shadows and show you what you have been hiding from yourself so that you can heal what is lurking deep beneath the murky waters of the subconscious mind. Humanity has been experiencing a refinement and clearing of the subconscious mind since the Mintankan Frogs helped us to evaluate our psyches beginning in March 2014. This cleansing and healing has continued and thankfully due to all of the hard work which the other energetic Ekken portals have set up for humanity in previous months the Archangels have more than enough wisdom and insight into how to help humanity move forward.

While it may appear that fracturing is occurring on a Global scale on our planet we are actually beginning to come together for the first time as a collective human family at least through the astral/subtle worlds which we are all connected to. The Archangels are weaving the collective human family together and will continue to do so even when their portal closes by next month since they always work behind the scenes. For this month the Archangel presence will be up front and center and it is up to us whether or not we will accept the powerful healing and purification which they are offering us or not. Angelic healing is not usually fluffy, sweet or pleasant, on the contrary it is very challenging since they are direct and incredibly honest.

Now is the time to be totally honest with yourself and to look within the mirrors which are being showed to you. The more that we embrace the purification and opportunity to heal deep wounds the more joy will become available to us. Feel the Archangels surrounding you, feel their presence and know that they are here to help us to help ourselves. Ascended masters and Archangels are not magic genies granting wishes for us, they are helping us with fulfilling our functional needs, not our desires. Assistance always comes to those who help themselves so allow yourself to work on your personal development and really ask yourself what is that you need to reach a state of wholeness and inner peace. In closing, here is some music which sums up the angelic portal energies for this month: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RbIWcexqe_k

Enjoy and happy healing everyone!


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