January 2017 Cosmic Energy Update

January 2017 Cosmic Energy Update

Haita Alt!

The New Year is here and another cosmic energy portal has arrived as well! Cosmic energy portals offer us an opportunity to explore the wisdom which comes from different celestial lineages, DNA imprints and collective consciousness groups. Each portal has its own personality and flavor and changes every month. This month we are experiencing a very rare and exotic cosmic energy portal which is that of the Raccoon or Ranta in Andromedan Almachian language.

The raccoon gives us all the ability to explore and delve deep into hidden or concealed things, places or information which is manipulated or obscured. As we will continue to see the spirit for this year will be influenced by this passionate drive of the raccoon to expose corruption and gather information from behind enemy lines.

This is our opportunity to see and observe what is happening in ways we are not able to see or discover normally. It may be uncomfortable, it may be awkward to see the truth but through the skillful investigation methods of the Ranta the truth is being revealed to us. When we see the truth we are able to make better choices for our present and future. This is a way to liberate us and help us to refine our consciousness so that we may better see and know what is to come.

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