January 2015 Cosmic Energy Update

January 2015 Cosmic Energy Update



 Halmis yanta! (Translation: greetings to everyone in Lion- Leo Constellation language)

To kick off this new year I want to let everyone know that this month marks the one year anniversary of the cosmic energy updates for Golden Almach Creation! The first cosmic energy post was launched in January 2014 and began with a portal which connected us to the Orion Constellation which helped us to connect to the balanced energies of the masculine-feminine relationship between our planet Ekken and her personal relationship to her planetary husband Ceresa which is located in Orion Constellation. Now we are still experiencing the remainder of the Akasi (Akashic record being) portal which gets us in touch with the memories and remembrances of our ideal life paths in the present and also shows us what we have already encountered in our past lives as well.

The Akasi portal which began in December 2014 allowed us to end our year with a reflection and overview of the events and choices which we made last year so that we can decide how we want to shape our new year moving forward. The Akasi portal will remain open until January 15th, 2015 to allow us to gather any remaining information and memories which are beneficial to helping us create the healthiest, happiest and clearest goals for ourselves. With memory and clear thoughts which are being accumulated with the closing of the Akasi portal this month we will progress forward into the new cosmic energy portal which will begin January 16th, 2015 and end on January 31st, 2015. At the beginning of February a new cosmic portal will be opened and activated by Ekken Ekeinne to ensure that the intensity of this mid-month portal will not be too strong for humanity. The Akasi energy of remembrance and reflection helps to soothe and calm the strength and rebellious nature of the new portal which opens directly after it on the 16th of this month which is from the Leo Constellation.

The Leo Constellation portal which will be open for the rest of this month contains the energy of the fierce lion and protective lioness. The masculine-feminine dynamics are balanced with the lion energy since each serves its role and contributes to the collective experience of the family unit. In nature the lioness is the hunter, she brings home her bounty to her children and to the other females of her group. In a similar way women on Ekken may find that bringing in resources and assistance will be smoother and easier for this month since the power of the lion will be charging us forward.

Along with the clarity of memory that comes from the Akasi, the lion energy will be like a fire of transformation burning through any and all unbalanced forces which are trying to work against your health and well-being. The male lion in nature is highly protective and also ferocious when he needs to be so this mindset will be helping the men on Ekken to rise up against any challenges or negative influences which are trying to enter their personal space or their friends and family. Since the lion essence is balanced between the masculine-feminine spheres of existing that means that we will be experiencing both sides of the lion consciousness accordingly regardless of what our personal gender may be.

With the lion portal the negative forces which have been lurking in the shadows will come to view and will be removed with precision. The lion is responsible for helping humanity in general to rise up against all obstacles and injustices in general and is symbolic of such actions. When the lion emerges in nature, in dreams or benevolent symbols it assists in the removal of any obstacles or blocks to humanity’s and nature’s sovereignty. The lion especially helps us deal with any political, financial or legal injustices which are created against us as individuals and our collective human families. The lion consciousness is protective and incredibly caring for all beings and are able to see their family as a unified collective of humanity rather than just a nuclear family.

The lion is emblematic of justice in all of its manifestations and helps all of humanity to get motivated in eliminating unbalanced unhealthy attitudes, activities and external forces which limit freedom of expression and truth. Since the lion is rising up within the spirit of humanity soon hopefully we will be ready to answer its call, beckoning us to stand up for our truth and to defend ourselves from those who seek to take from us or limit us in any way.

Since humanity has endured and allowed some negative forces to enter and determine the course of their lives in an unhealthy way over generations of time this has created great harm to humanity as a collective although it enters for each individual in a unique way if they allow it to have power. The attitude and mindset of surrender and belief in hierarchy is being worked out of the collective consciousness and attitudes of humanity but it progresses and becomes stronger when we remove these limiting forces from our personal lives and take responsibility for our choices and actions.

The lion portal will assist us in being able to achieve a state of balance and be able to live our lives with a sense of justice and truth guiding us through. May you enjoy the warmth, clarity and power which the lions are helping us to experience for the remainder of this month. There may be moments of high intensity with the lion portal but know that it is helping you to get closer to a state of freedom so that you may be totally sovereign and powerful in all ways.

Brief Description: This January 2015 cosmic energy update explains how the remainder of the Akasi portal is helping us to remember and reflect upon our lives with the help of the Akashic records which ends January 15th. From January 15th until January 31st the new cosmic energy portal connecting to Leo Constellation will help us to rebel and fight against any and all injustice we are experiencing both known and unknown to us.

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