Distortion Implant Removal Healing 

– $250/ session –

Done in person or energetically through the phone or over Skype. These healing sessions address the removal of energetic, physical implants and any discordant energies. Cosmic energy and knowledge is capable of removing any obstacles, barriers or cycles which no longer serve so that you can re-set your physical, emotional and energetic body.

These sessions also open up your multi-dimensional DNA imprints so that your multitude of gifts and intuition open and expand throughout your entire physical body. Over time DNA healing work helps you restore a sense of self-worth, self-purpose, unattached cosmic identity and a deeper feeling of unconditional love for all life.

Reiki Healing

– $100/ 1 hour –

For discounted rates, contact Chela Cooley directly.

These healing sessions are guided by Master Usui, using the traditional methods combined with sensitive intuitive energy healing. This healing modality aids the body in releasing stress and tension through the transmission of subtle life force energy. Reiki restores one’s energetic bodies and vitality by relieving the physical and emotional effects of unreleased stress. It gently and effectively opens blocked meridians, nadis and chakras, and clears any other energetic blockages. Sessions can offer accelerated healing, assistance in cleansing bodily toxins and balance the flow of energy throughout the body.

Astral-Psychic Healing

– $250 –

Done in person or energetically through the phone or over Skype. These one-of-a-kind healing sessions are meant to help heal and repair any damage to your psychic and astral energies. Many individuals have sustained damage to their minds, bodies and auras due to systemtic programming, negative symbolism, corrupted practices/dwellings in their environment. This damage erodes the connection that an individual has to their psychic and astral abilities over time. When the astral and psychic abilities of humanity are suppressed this creates blockages in creativity, self-expression and happiness over time. This disconnect causes us feelings of helplessness, sadness and confusion unless it is addressed. Humanity is naturally creative and uses their astral and psychic abilities constantly for basic processes of life without having the awareness of doing so. These are incredibly powerful and important natural abilities which all humanity holds are waiting to be acknowledged, activated and explored.

Through the groundbreaking healing modality developed by Chela Cooley with Golden Almach Creation method, we have a way to repair and activate the astral and psychic abilities within humanity to make it whole again. This healing session is done usually laying down or sitting comfortably in a chair with the healing technician’s hands on your head for the majority of the session. The healer is able to transmit restorative energy to your aura, body and mind to clear out any blockages to the astral and psychic abilities. Each session lasts approximately an hour long and works by going through numerous layers of the conscious and subconscious mind to unlock the deep potential within.

Please note that this process takes a considerable amount of time (approximately 20-50+ sessions to start experiencing the fullness of your astral and psychic abilities). Each individual’s experience varies depending on the amount of programming they have sustained in their lives. Patience and willingness to analyze lifestyle, emotions and environmental factors are key to thriving with this healing practice.

Private Masculine Codexes Session

– $100/ 45 mins –

Codex healing represents an alliance of all benevolent beings working together in all timelines, in all spaces and in all directions for the benefit of all of Creation. The Codexes help humanity receive direct support from the New Paradigm which many call the Golden Age. The Golden Age encompasses the energy of fundamental change which is needed to shift humanity out of suffering and into thriving and growing as a species.

During a one-on-one codex healing session, the Masculine Codexes will work specifically on your physical body, allowing your physical energetics to become saturated and strengthened by the abundant crystalline energies which are cascading our Planet in every moment. The Codexes will help you to get in touch with your multi-dimensionality and true self in a profound way.

By participating in this type of healing session, you are given an opportunity to get to know your celestial, ancestral and genetic lineages through direct, subtle meditative experiences. These Codexes are the gateways to clearer states of consciousness and gradually teach your subconscious mind to traverse the entire Cosmos and family of Creation with intention and clarity.

All services can be offered over the phone, in person, or through Skype.

Please email all service requests to: