Healing Plans

Healing Plans

Customized Healing Plans

– Price varies depending on each clients needs –


Are you ready to take your healing and DNA activation to the next level? Our healing plan services are designed for committed clients who wish to optimize their overall well-being and deepen their connection to their soul essence. Each individuals’ healing plan is customized by their healer based on their unique Root DNA imprint as well their short and long-term goals for themselves. These plans require a one-year commitment but the frequency of each healing session is set by the client themselves; however the healer is prone to make suggestions based on the progression of each client. Healing plans follow a general structure but there is room for flexibility and collaboration between each client and their healer.

Perks of committing to a Healing Plan:

  • 50% OFF every THIRD session within your customized healing plan 
  • $150 OFF of your 1-90 DNA List (non-healing plan clients get $100 off)
  • 60% OFF any GAC workshops held in 2018
  • Group Healing Codexes Call once a month 
  • Virtual Meet and Greet once a month for healing plan clients only 
  • Community Healing Chat on Signal Messenger for healing plan clients only 
  • DNA Progress Tracking ↓

What is DNA Progress Tracking?

As you progress in your healing journey, it is hard to know how far you have come or what you should focus on next. With healing plans you are provided a structure and tracking to work towards specific goals you detail in your intake form, if you want to activate your 90 DNA to the fullest potential, you will need a pathway and a strategy to get there. Your dedicated healer will let you know what areas of DNA activation you are excelling in or need more focus/ direction in. This serves as a framework for basic life structuring as well, it provides you a direction to put emphasis on bettering yourself, expanding your skills and improving your health/ general well being.

DNA tracking will provide you with updates about where you are at in your progression of DNA activation, how many rounds of your 90 DNA have been activated, which chakras are open/active, where you are at with your astral/empath abilities, etc. Having a healing plan gives you access to collaborate and check in with your healer about your spiritual growth and advancement.

Example of a Standard Healing Plan

Custom Recommendations 

Reiki Healing approx. every two weeks

Chakra Cleansing every two months

Implant Removal approx. every two to three months


Healing Schedule 2018


Reiki session #1 on Saturday January 6th @ 2:15PM

Reiki session #2 on Sunday January 21st @ 11:00AM


Implant Removal session #1 on Sunday February 4th @ 2:15PM (50% OFF)

Reiki session #3 on Sunday February 18th @ 11:00AM


Reiki session #4 on Sunday March 4th @ 11:00AM

Chakra Cleansing session #1 on Sunday March 18th @ 11:00AM (50% OFF)


Reiki session #5 on Sunday April 8th @ 11:00AM

Reiki session #6 Sunday April 29th @ 11:00AM


Implant Removal session #2 on Sunday May 13th @ 11:00AM (50% OFF)

Reiki session #7 on Sunday May 27th @ 11:00AM


Reiki session #8 on Sunday June 10th @ 11:00AM

Chakra Cleansing session #2 on Sunday June 24th @ 11:00AM (50% OFF)


Reiki session #9 on Sunday July 8th @ 11:00AM

Reiki session #10 on Sunday July 22nd @ 11:00AM


Implant Removal session #3 on August 5th @ 11:00AM (50% OFF)

Reiki session #11 on Saturday August 18th @ 2:15PM


Reiki session #12 on Sunday September 9th @ 11:00AM

Chakra Cleansing session #3 on Sunday September 23rd @ 11:00AM (50% OFF)


Reiki session #13 on Sunday October 14th @ 11:00AM

Reiki session #14 on Sunday October 28th @ 11:00AM


Implant Removal session #4 on Sunday November 11th @ 11:00AM (50% OFF)

Reiki session #15 on Saturday November 24th @ 11:00AM


Reiki session #16 on Sunday December 16th @ 11:00AM

Chakra Cleansing session #4 on Sunday December 30th @ 11:00AM (50% OFF)

Discounts Applied for Every 3rd Session

Implant Removal session #1 @ 50% off = $125

Chakra Cleansing session #1 @ 50% off = $50

Implant Removal session #2 @ 50% off = $125

Chakra Cleansing session #2 @ 50% off = $50

Implant Removal session #3 @ 50% off = $125

Chakra Cleansing session #3 @ 50% off = $50

Implant Removal session #4 @ 50% off = $125

Chakra Cleansing session #4 @ 50% off = $50

Total Savings for 2018: $700