February 2017 Cosmic Energy Update

February 2017 Cosmic Energy Update

Haita Alt!

Greetings everyone! Another month is upon us, February is here and the year keeps on moving along very quickly as it has been. The acceleration of the Cosmic Energy Portals began in 2012 with the Solaris Sun energy which helped us to launch into connection with other cosmic lineages and our DNA ancestry. Many portals have opened in the past and we have experienced a continued activation of our DNA, our consciousness and our curiosity. A new Cosmic Energy Portal has opened on our planet Ekken Ekeinne which has the energy signature and consciousness which is connected to the Plantis Plant Vine being.

Plantis plant vine beings when translated into English from their original Almachi name are non-flowering vine plants. In particular the Plantis are typically vine based plants which mostly resemble either: Common Ivy, Virgina Creepers and Hops plants on our planet to give you a better sense as to their appearance and connection to our planet as it is closely related to their original forms and embodiments off planet. Plantis are expert cleansers and supporters/nourishers for nearly an unlimited amount of Creation. Just think about how many animals, humans and insects are being fed by the bodies of Plantis beings, it is a tremendous amount of life being supported by them in a multitude of ways. Plantis are incredibly conscious, friendly, giving and strong beings. Plants DO have their own personalities, minds and souls, in a sense they are the same as an animal since they are able to feel things and have emotions, desires and thoughts. Whenever you see any plant it is connected to the Plantis lineage and consciousness. Trees and flowers have their own category though since they are a different mixture of elements and parts of Creation which have a different relationship and function in the world.

Plantis find their wisdom internally, they thrive in the silence and also when it is loud. They are able to feel balance regardless of what is around, unless it is corrupted or polluted, in that case they withdraw within and shelter themselves for protection. This is why plants wither away after being subjected to inorganic or artificial things for too long.

Plants are always wanted to be communicated with, they love the voices and sounds of beings and thrive when there is activity and passion around them. This is why many artists such as painters typically tend to have many plants in their house because they are being driven to seek the voice within themselves which plants are truly masters of. It may surprise you that while plants are deeply introspective their favorite kind of music is actually punk music! So if you have plants in your home then play punk music for them and you will see how well they respond to this.

Plants are able to use their bodies to expand into other spaces and are very strong physically, they tend to wrap around any obstacle and break it down with the force and pressure of their bodies and rapid growth. If you have ever seen an Ivy invasion of a tree or a home then you probably get a sense of just how powerful the Plantis can be when they are determined to take root somewhere. This spirit of tenacity and the generosity of giving of ones self as the Plantis do continuously since the beginning of their existence will be present with us this month and for many years to come. We must thank our plant friends and express our generosity for all that they give, including their lives for us to thrive and live healthy.

For any of you who doubt that plants are conscious or not then I suggest you read The Secret Life of Plants. Scientists have already discovered that plants are conscious and have admitted to this fact many years ago. Check out this video which talks about the talk scientists are having about plants:

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