February 2016 Cosmic Portal Update

February 2016 Cosmic Portal Update


Haita alt!

Greetings everyone, first of all I would like to say that I am here, that I hear you and I know that many of you are frustrated with the status quo. Thankfully, we have this website and other forms of communication as a way to express ourselves and to voice our concerns in a healthy, constructive way.

It seems that although we have ways to express outselves, some of us may still feel that we have left something behind. That we are unfulfilled in some way, or in some part of our lives. This is not because we have failed or that we have errored ourselves, this is because corruption exists. Corruption exists to block humanity from understanding of their own identities and to pollute the minds of people to destroy their own positive values. What you feel you have lost is your memories of creation, your understanding of yourself and of creation as a whole. Yes, you really do have a yearning to connect to all parts of connection and to know everything, this is by design! Creator has designed your existence this way for a reason. You yearn, desire for change and for self-fulfillment because this is your birth right. You are meant to enjoy life and to learn about creation. In fact this is your main purpose of existence in the first place.

The cosmic portal of this month is related to a rare type of being on this planet, they are the Osanlans. Osanlans are a hybrid between a lion and human, they are outdoor adventurers and are the ones responsible for helping to give humanity technology and inventions which help them to enjoy being outdoors more often. For instance, Osanlans taught humanity how to rock climb, providing them the gear to do so. They also invented tents, camping gear and introduced the concepts of hiking, extreme sports such as motocross and even skateboarding. Anything which involves activity and being outdoors, the Osanlans are involved with. Osanlans help humans to have a better connection to nature by providing the devices, gear and technology to create an enjoyable experience for humans when they are outdoors.

Osanlans love to help humans to get outside and to enjoy nature, it is what they are best at. For this month the spirit of physical activity, adventure and enjoyment of the outdoors will give you extra stimulation and extra energy throughout your day. Hopefully you are able to apply some of this energy towards actually getting outside and enjoying nature, if you have the opportunity to do so. For the first time since I have observed the cosmic portals, the nature of this portal and the beings associated with them, the Osanlans, have been under attack. It was a very clear attack too with the news of Dave Mirra being assassinated in a very obvious and devious way while the mainstream media smashed his character by claiming that he committed suicide. I am sure that many of you have noticed just how targeted lions have been in nature with the killing of the lions in Africa for sport (as has been the corrupted practice for many years), now the shift is going towards these Osanlans.

Since Osanlans are a hybrid between human and lion, corruption especially desires to target these beings since they represent the two types of beings who originally fight for justice in all ways, especially when they are awake. Lions and humans are originally freedom fighters, when they are aware of creation they do whatever it takes to create balance and justice for creation itself as well as protect their own species. Clearly, for humanity, there is some work to do. Lions on the other hand remember what values they are meant to represent and protect which is symbolized by the rune Tiwaz- Justice and Victory. Lions will help creation to gain their victory and it is already clear that they have accomplished so much in this regard already. Humanity has also been waking up rapidly to the ills and sickness of society, now many people are beginning to see that there is something wrong and that something must be done about it in order to protect their own health and also to create a better life for themselves as individuals. Whatever it takes for humanity to become aware, even if it starts with some selfish interest, is better than doing nothing at all. Some activity is better than no activity. So I applaud all of the efforts of humanity so far, I think that so much can be accomplished and justice is just within reach as long as our collective efforts become stronger and more concentrated over time.

I would like to speak a bit more on this topic of making an effort to do what is right. I know that many people who are fearful of change will not even approach a topic even when they know it is the right thing to do, to face corruption head on. This is what any Osanlan, lion, or any nature being would do. They fight to protect creation at any cost, I suggest that we start to do the same rather than remaining neutral about issues. Do not fear doing the right thing because you are afraid of becoming a social outcast. Let me share with you my own experience with this phenomenon of being outcast or isolated by other humans for doing what is right. I hope that this gives you all some motivation to do a little bit more than you are doing already, since it really is the best thing that you can do for yourself and for others regardless of whatever attacks you may have initially.

For my entire life I have been an outcast, even a tarot card reader told me I am an outcast of this world and that this experience will not change as long as I reside on this planet. I did not share any of my personal experience of being off planet with this tarot card reader, it is just interesting for all of you to know how apparent and clear things like this can be to others with psychic sight. Those who share the truth will always be attacked for doing what is right, if you do not defend the words of truth which others speak, you are just as guilty as those who are working to dismantle all freedoms on this planet. It is our individual responsibility to protect and defend the truth, especially when we know it to be accurate ourselves. We cannot turn a blind eye and fall into patterns which feel comfortable. I will never be a part of this world fully, because it is not who I am. There is no part of society which reflects my identity and values, this is why I must create my own space to thrive within instead. I am here to assist, teach and transform the world so that it becomes a better place. We are all here for a reason, the reason is very simple, remove corruption so that harmony can exist forever once our victory as humanity has been assured.

I used to struggle against myself, hating every part of myself which was different and unique. There is no functional purpose for my abilities in this world, yet I still apply what I know to help people and creation where ever I can. I used to believe that every single human has to fight to claim their space or identity in this world. This belief is a total falsehood, it is foolish, it is also a complete lie. We do not need to prove anything to anyone or to any society, any group, nothing, besides the Creator. We must demonstrate our ability to fight, stand up for what is right, to protect and cherish one another as a human family and as a unified species. Let the spirit of your humanity and the righteousness of the lion help guide your vision and direct your energies towards something just and harmonious with creation.

Here is a song which sums up the cosmic portal for this month: https://youtu.be/NsWujXX8icc



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