February 2015 Cosmic Energy Update

February 2015 Cosmic Energy Update


Shri Lakshmi-Devi! Swagatam! O Devi, Lakshmi! I welcome you. (a greeting and welcome for all of the Drelis beings for this month).

Before we discuss the portal of this month I thought it would be nice to share with you the recent history of the cosmic portals in general since they have an important and amazing story to tell about us as a collective of humanity and our experience within this planetary realm.

The pattern of previous cosmic energy portals of last year is useful to see when we analyze the attributes which are presented to us this month. These portals will give you a better sense of how the past year has helped to shape and change the days to come for this year. In a sense the portals of last year and of last month’s Leo Constellation lion portal which kicked off the start of our new year have helped to encourage our DNA and consciousness to grow, cleanse and strengthen in specialized and direct ways.

Here is an overview of the energy portals of 2014:

January 2014- Orion Constellation (innovation/ inventions) & Pleiades Constellation (singing/ dancing)

February 2014- Sirius Constellation, Bastet cat lineage

March 2014- Mintankan Frog, the cosmic lawyers, justice and joy

April 2014- Condor Constellation, the condor and eagle

May 2014- Zeta Reticulum Constellation, the zetas, doctors/ surgeons/ powerful medicine

June 2014- Sonari, planet Saturn beings, physical creation and the benevolent cube

July 2014- Archangels from the Arc, psychological-emotional healing for humanity

August 2014- Draconian, Draco Constellation, Thuban, the dragons and the power of Crexlan/Creator

September 2014- Pyxis Constellation, the playful healer fairies, healing with laughter

October 2014- Perseus Constellation, the mermaids/ mermen, aquatic healing & chakra cleansing

November 2014- Sagittarius Constellation, the ancient humans, collective power and strength

December 2014- Akasi, akashic records, memory of past lives, ability of oversight and introspection

When taking the previous cosmic energy portals of last year it is easy to notice some patterns and tendencies in which our planet Ekken is using in order to best assist us in all ways. There is always a combination of powerful, active, healing and cleansing portals which create balance from month to month. It also seems to be a pattern with our planet that she splits the duration of a portal between two different constellations or nature energies at the start of the year and the end of the year. Take January 2014, it was our very first cosmic energy portal which was discussed on the website which began with the Pleiades Constellation and closed with the Orion Constellation mid until the end of the January. Also December 2014 the Akasi portal continued on into January 2015 and ended mid-month with the opening of the Leo lion energies. These patterns also tell us a lot about the general intentions and focus of the collective of humanity on our planet.

It is also important to mention that the Orion portal was the only portal open for the entire year of 2013 which ended at the start of 2014 as it began to mix with the energies and specialities of the Pleiades Constellation. The Orion portal was incredibly potent and was a huge motivator for humanity to reach and expand into new and comfortable spaces. The humans from Orion were able to connect with the collective of humanity of our planet Ekken in a conscious process in the year of 2013, they began to enter into our dream states and establish astral familial connections with us. As a result of this concentrated effort our planet Ekken was able to recognize her male companion which dwells within the Orion Constellation, it is her planetary husband, the planet Ceresa.

When two planets are able to recognize and remember one another it helps the general populations of each planet to have an improvement in their quality of lives and consciousness. Orion has experienced a great liberation as a result of their many planets and conscious stars gaining memory back about their wonderful and beautiful aspects with the assistance of all of us and our planet Ekken assisting them in this. All of this is done rather unconsciously since there were many of us who were unaware of the oppression and imbalances which were being experienced on Orion. When humans see one another in a dream, astral or psychic state and are able to recognize and acknowledge one another it helps to reveal whatever is hidden and bring awareness to what is needed in a proactive way. Since the sustained effort and psychic-astral clearing and activation all of Orion Constellation is now free from the oppression and tyranny which had diminished their freedoms of spirit and in everyday life.

The entire year of 2012 was a time for the Solaris sun portal to shine in its fullness. This is another instance of when our planet Ekken chose to have a singular energy portal being used for an entire year length span rather than changing her patterns from month to month which revolves more around seasonal/elemental cycles rather than long durations of sustained non-variational energy portals which revolve more around the cycles of planets themselves. Every few years or so our planet Ekken adds more variety to her personal energetic space which is her personal aura where we as human beings reside. By living on the surface of our planet we are encountering two different types of energies from her directly, that of her luminosity and also of her highly diverse ecosystem. Notice how different each month feels since 2014 until present compared to 2012 and 2013? This is because our planet is changing her direction and intentions to help assist more of her biodiversity and surface dwellers directly rather than reaching out to connect to planets which surround her such as the sun and the planet Ceresa in Orion.

In order to help her planetary children our planet had to stabilize in the planetary field which has a longer cyclical record of portal openings such as year long cosmic energy portals these tend to manifest as rather stable almost monotonous seeming patterns which emerge in daily life for humanity. While we may feel the normalcy and comfort of a direct planetary cosmic energy portal such as the Solaris and Orion portal, our planet Ekken was experiencing a high degree of volatility, cleansing and personal challenges. She needed the assistance and support of her planetary friends so that she could feel secure enough to move forward with the changes which are necessary to assist humanity especially in these highly transformational times.

The cosmic energy updates which are discussed in these monthly posts reflect this occurrence of a type of astrology which is all encompassing and is not fixated or limited by the flow of the zodiac alone. To look only to the zodiac for understanding of global, energetic and collective changes is to limit your view into the size of smaller than a pinhole when observing the nature of the cosmos and the role of humanity within it. The zodiac is indeed cyclical as are the cosmic energy portals which our planet Ekken choses for herself but the ability to track and predict its flow and trajectory can be more challenging since it cannot be observed as the ancients and contemporaries do with telescopes and zodiac records. We can determine the flow of the cosmos/ planetary existence in a more holistic way when we take our planet’s own perspective into account and also when we open our minds up to the possibility of the existence of other star and planetary systems which are interacting with our personal lives. We are not apart from the cosmos, we are one with them. All of organic life which are originating from creator are able to know the attributes and existence of their organic neighbors and relations. It is my hope that these updates can bring you closer to a space of recognition within yourself so that you are able to better recognize who you are in all ways.

Ekken Ekeinne has saw fit to help us in our human experience directly especially last year and this year, she is turning her focus to those who live on her surface rather than to those who remain within her planetary arms reach. For many years our planet Ekken Ekeinne has wavered between these two different ways of perceiving creation, she may take an entire year to open her heart and mind to a planetary sphere beyond her personal shores of creation or she may draw her focus inwards and begin to look at her children with a discerning view.

When Ekken chooses to look at her children she takes time to assist us in specialized ways especially since she is giving home and sanctuary to some of the most unique and varied humans in the cosmos which happen to be us. Since we have ninety DNA strands we have a lot of needs and differences which need to be supported. Everyday the vast differences in cultures, perspectives, dreams and thoughts are shown to us since they are alive in every single one of our human neighbors and relations. Not one of us is the same, we have a broad spectrum of DNA which she needs to support and this is why we will experience different cosmic energy portals month to month from here on out until Ekken deems that humanity is finally supported enough in our maturation as a species.

Now that we have discovered more deeply the nature of the cosmic energy portals as a whole it brings me great happiness to tell all of you what this month’s cosmic energy portal is. Since the start of this month until today February 11th, 2015 the cosmic energy portal has been mixing with the previous Leo lion portal in order to bring strength to its original nature so that all of humanity can benefit from it fully. For the remainder of this month of February we will be experiencing the pure energy of the Drelis realm which is responsible for bringing humanity great helpers which the Hindu traditions recognize as beings such as Ganesh, Durga, Shiva, Lakshmi etc. In particular the energies of Lakshmi will be represented this month in their wholeness to assist humanity in the accumulation of benevolent prosperity and real wealth. What is real wealth and how does this month help to bring these energies through? Lakshmi has a focus in helping humanity to gain valuable goods and assistance in their physical everyday lives by helping people to get in touch with benevolent people in their environments and communities.

Lakshmi is not a magical wishing genie like some of the Hindu traditions treat her as, in fact she is mainly a facilitator of communication and expansion, she helps people to expand into spaces which they have already established for themselves. Prosperity is augmented it is not brought anew from a space of emptiness or dis-empowerment, it is built upon preexisting positive and non-greedy thoughts. In fact the most prosperous individuals are those who don’t own physical money or riches but are those who always seem to find the right time, the right people and the right circumstances in which they feel happy consistently. Happiness is the real wealth, not material goods or money. Happiness comes about through non-financial means although humanity has a widespread belief that it is through exclusively money that they will find happiness although this is a deception and common lie meant to mislead people from the true source of prosperity from within themselves. When we evaluate what happiness means for us individually we should ask ourselves if we are limiting our experience of happiness by confining it only to whether or not we have money or not. If money is the limiting factor in our lives, we surrender our ability to understand the total realm of happiness and close ourselves off to other ways to be in joy.

This month your perception of happiness and prosperity will be evaluated and brought into view so that you can free yourself from any limitation which the concept of money has created for you, if you have any at all. The nature of the Drelis beings has been greatly misunderstood, these beings do not grant wishes or bestow blessings upon humanity instead they are only assisting as all other celestial and nature friends do in the collective healing and empowerment of humanity.

Worship, giving away power or making offerings to these beings is not the way to get their attention or have them help you in your accumulation of whatever you need to thrive in your life. Instead by helping yourself, by being deeply committed to your own well-being and by expressing self-love you attract the help of those who have valuable knowledge who are able to help you grow in new ways.

All beings assist in this process but in particular the Drelis beings will be assisting humanity in restructuring the concepts of what happiness and prosperity actually mean. To be wealthy, full and feeling whole has nothing to do with the accumulation of money and has everything to do with self love and with the capability of expressing organic love to others. Now humanity is being presented with an opportunity to ask for assistance with the conceptualization of general needs and wealth in general. What you believe will make you feel whole and complete will come closer to your physical reality as long as it is coming from a place of positivity, practicality and benevolence. When greed enters into the attempted manifestation of wealth then there are limitations in what can be created and sustained as a result. By accepting what is wholesome, good and loving inside of yourself you can feel what makes you feel complete and prosperous in a balanced and liberating way. May this month bring you blessings which you invite and create of your own making with the assistance of beautiful loving souls cooperating with you.

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