Multidimensional DNA Imprint Classes 

– $100/ class –

Offered Online or In Person in the Bay Area, CA.

These classes are available to the entire community and are opportunities in which we will meditate on, discuss, and experience the particular gifts of a specific DNA imprint. They are focused on one particular DNA imprint at a time for example, an entire class will be dedicated to the “Leo Lion DNA imprint”.

These classes are meant to be supplementary for your own healing and self-discovery of the nature of your own unique aspects of your multidimensional DNA. In these classes we will all have opportunities to meditate on our own resonances, past life experiences, and perceptions of the featured imprint. We will also be interactively sharing, discussing, and discovering the latent abilities and gifts of the imprint itself and how the imprint works within our own bodies and lives. These are classes meant to empower everyone in the community since we will be opening up these forgotten codes of wisdom in ourselves, and also creating an opportunity for others to experience the same.

DNA Imprint Visionary Boot Camp

– $5,000 –

This is a private one-on-one training program with Chela where you will learn how to Identify, Understand and Read the Multidimensional DNA Imprints in humanity.

Over a series of seven consecutive days time you will gain a beginners certification issued by Chela for successful completion of this rigorous spiritual training which gives you a basic introduction to seeing the Root DNA Imprint of other people and species. 

This course is incredibly valuable and rare, you will not find this opportunity anywhere else due to the complexity and specificity which is required to teach and impart the wisdom of the Multidimensional DNA Imprints.

*Prerequisite: Your personal 1-90 DNA List is necessary for this training, since we use it as a reference each day. Offered on an individual private basis through online (Skype or other online program, depending on preference).

Multidimensional DNA Mastery training is an exciting and rewarding experience since it helps you to connect with aspects of life which your body and consciousness can readily accept at the right time and place. This is a journey of discovering your own unique DNA attributes, gifts, talents, and celestial attributes in order to fully master yourself. This Crash Course gives you the opportunity to delve more deeply into your own personal DNA chart so that you can truly get to know the relationships and qualities which your DNA have.

This training is meant to assist you in healing, integrating, and mastering of your unique Multi-Dimensional DNA imprints. We meet for approximately two hours or longer a day for a period of seven days (the specific dates do not have to be consecutive and can be coordinated around your schedule, although consecutive days are highly recommended for total integration). This training can be repeated as much as you feel you feel are needed to assist you in discovering the multitude of energetic aspects of yourself. There are many layers of experience which can be discovered in the DNA Imprints. I have far more information than what is offered here already, so if you are ready for more, there are more educational opportunities available.

Each interactive learning experience correlates to as many DNA imprints as which feels appropriate to address during the duration of the seven days. We are not going to rush since there is no competition or deadline on the path of self-discovery.

All services can be offered over the phone, in person, or through Skype.

Please email all requests for services to this email: