ET/UFO Disclosure News

ET/UFO Disclosure News

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Disclosure of the extraterrestrial presence and phenomenon is about to get much, much deeper in the United Kingdom on Thursday June 13th, 2013. No, this is not at date of some type of psychic prediction for when you will win the lottery, instead it is the date in which AMMACH will air its film “Confessions of an Alien Abductee” on a major TV station Channel 4 in the UK. AMMACH is also holding a conference AMMACH-CHEX that will be discussing the child experiencer element Sunday July 14th, 2013 in the UK. Access the link to find out more here:

This film is not yet set to air here in the United States, but I really hope that it will eventually. I feel that it will be great if a viewing of this film will be possible for American viewers to watch at some point. It may be possible to tune in through channel 4’s UK website I believe to be able to watch the film when it airs, I am not certain of this though.

In the spirit of Confessions, I have finally stepped up to revealing my story of my own evolutionary process and how all of you know me as the “person who knows things about extraterrestrials” began. If you are interested in watching my story unfold, please subscribe to my YouTube channel ( and check into this websites video podcast page.

It is a blessing when humanity is able to see value in the experiences and insights of other people. It’s important to turn our ears and focused listening to other “everyday people” rather than exclusively listening to one single manuscript which is carefully created by a select group of individuals for TV, radio, newspaper, etc. By listening to other people who are experiencing different types of pressures and experiences in our modernized world, we open up the possibility to allow to access a dynamic form of knowing and relating to the worlds around us.

When we listen to people who have had experiences of otherworldly phenomenon or other fringe topics we open our minds up to the possibilities of what can be. Since ET phenomenon still has certain stigma and dogma associated with it, a lot of people do not engage the topic in a serious and real way.

Many people still remain completely silent about their wisdom on these topics, even though we have all had at least one life experience of our own that we could not explain. Humanity is blessed with the ability to experience the element of wonder and curiosity for creation. Because of this interest in exploration and in discovery, humanity has a willpower that tends to draw in unique experiences to challenge evolutionary development. A curious and hungry mind can also give rise to a curious and playful spirit or subtle energy which many other kinds of lifeforms respond very positively to.

I encourage everyone to investigate the unknown aspects in their lives since the process of learning or unveiling your life story may be very telling about your own spirit and soul. There is a tendency that some people have in the face of the unknown to attempt to retreat into a safe, comfortable space.

Once we withdraw our curious spirit from the opportunity to explore the unknown then our spirit suffers a type of mini spiritual death within us each time. Maria Montessori discusses the importance of the psychic life of children in her book The Secret of Childhood. The psychic or imaginary/creative aspects in the human experience are invaluable and are parts of our lives, especially when we are still children.

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Most of the individuals who testify about ET experiences have a gift of retaining their original curious spirits which has allowed the doorway of otherworldly contact to remain open throughout adulthood. When we are not afraid of what lies beyond another dimensional space as adults we are able to explore the richness of other worlds, other beings, and other souls. It is an incredibly rewarding and fulfilling experience to have. You retain the spirit of a childlike essence with the grounded rational qualities of an adult when you remain open to the possibility of other worlds or manifestations.

When you go through some of this invaluable testimony, here is some food for thought:

  • What if it were possible that the people who really have the answers to the seemingly “unknowable” subjects are actually here living on Planet Ekken already?
  • Where would people like this reside? What would they do with the information that they have about ET beings, lineages, and star crafts if nobody ever listened to them?
  • How many people have lived out their lives not speaking a word about their supernatural/ otherworldly experiences and have taken their stories to their graves for fear of judgement or persecution?
  • If you were to have an experience of a ET/ supernatural phenomenon, how would you react, and how would you treat the information or wisdom which you gained from the experience?

May our curious spirits, minds, bodies, souls, and multi-dimensional light always shine brightly.

May our light touch all of creation in the most benevolent way possible.


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