December 2015 Cosmic Energy Portal

December 2015 Cosmic Energy Portal


Haita Alt!

Greetings to everyone,

The holiday season is here and the new year is just around the corner. I hope that everyone is in good health and enjoying the season so far!

I want to take this time to let everyone know that the reason why there wasn’t a cosmic energy update for this month, I have spent significant time working on publishing and releasing an eBook instead of making a comprehensive Cosmic Energy Update for this month. For those of you who are interested in knowing what this month’s Cosmic Portal is I will give you a brief explanation now.

This last November the Cosmic Portal was that of metal elemental and for this month it has been something very complimentary to that, essentially it is the portal which brings in the Dotarian Guardian Elemental or the Knight energy. Dotarians look like armor which has no man inside, simply their element of air which is surrounded with plate metal.

The typical knights you may be thinking of in chain mail with metal plating armor, wielding swords, those are the Dotarians. They are fearsome protectors and they work to especially protect nature beings this is why there is so much focus on restoration of environment which is coming into the social sphere more and more. This portal has mostly affected your feelings about justice, preservation and establishing a good relationship with nature. Dotarians are especially interested in how nature is supported by acts of social justice and education.

In the spirit of defending nature, it is also important to realize how big of a role food plays in helping us to connect to nature itself. Our natural environment is the original space where we as human beings used to cultivate food naturally, from the wild in the past. As we progress forward into the future, more and more we are moving away from the resources which are abundant, natural and wild and becoming dependent on grocery stores and corporations to supply our food for us.

This is why I spent many years working on the book Food For Food Space which I have just released a few days ago. I began the idea of this book in 2010 after I had discovered how abundant and easy it is to wild craft, or cultivate food from the wilderness. There are many social, political and ethical values which are supported and strengthened when we cultivate food ourselves by growing plants at home. We take our power back when we understand completely how to become self-sufficient and also when we educate ourselves on what kind of food we put into our body.

What can be safer than producing and consuming food which you create yourself? Although we all know that there is a need for self-sufficiency many of us think that it is too difficult or takes too much time to grow our own plants, let alone make enough to allow us to need less trips to the grocery store. This is why I have released Food For Food Space at this time, to give everyone fresh ideas how we grow our own fresh produce and make it efficient as well as fully supported by our local communities. There are links provided in this update where you can find my book which I encourage everyone to check out and share with others. Especially as we move into the new year, it is good to think about our new years resolutions, how we want to change our personal lives and also how we want to participate or give back to the community.

Thank you to everyone who has supported me and this work. I know that there are many fluctuations and changes which are ongoing with schedules, content and my availability. I want everyone to know that for this year 2016 I will be more available than I have been in previous times past this year. There will also be more healing teleconferences as well as You Tube videos which I will share with all of you.

I am making a new years resolution to do more healing work and educating. Also there will be a new Implant Removal Workshop which I am currently planning for next year which is something to look forward to indeed!

With gratitude and great joy I wish you all a very happy, healthy and beautiful holiday season and a happy new year!

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