December 2014 Cosmic Energy Update

December 2014 Cosmic Energy Update

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Haita yass altara! (Translation: greetings to everyone in Almachian language)

The holiday season is almost upon us and the new cosmic energy portal has arrived in due time as well. Last month we were given the opportunity to explore the nature of the human condition and evaluate what it means to be human. We do go through introspection into the nature of humanity in varied aspects of our personal lives, especially when issues about human rights or interpersonal relationships come to the forefront. What did we discover about the nature of our own humanity? Did we encounter obstacles in our relationships to others? Did we see anything with new eyes in the outer world last month?

The ancient human consciousness has a certain aspect of clarity and precision, similar to the design of the arrow and bow. When understood and properly mastered the spirit of the human can burn away all obstacles with precision and ease. In order to master the pure aspect of your human nature, the attitude of collective compassion must be integrated and implemented. Wielding the wisdom of the ancient human allows you to be able to protect yourself against any and all injustices and last month many injustices globally were brought into view.

This month we are moving into the cosmic energy portal which corresponds to all Akashic records which does not have a particular celestial origination point but is rather a collective etheric-psychic energy field. The Akashic beings are called the Akasi and they are responsible for helping any being remember their origins, their past or any other important information which pertains to them individually which is kept in the collective memory fields. For the remainder of the month of December starting today December 17th, 2014 and continuing until around January 15th, 2015 or earlier on in the month of January, taking us into the New Year.

The Akashic records have begun to connect to our individual thoughts and psychic visualizations mid-late this month since it took some time for all of the important records and memories to reach us on a physical level. Any parts which have been missing from our personal memories of who we really are and what we have already been in the past are coming back to us in the form of digestible packets of information.

Bit by bit we will begin to remember important memories, or have insightful deeply profound dreams or meditations which will bring us closer to seeing a different spectrum of our roles that we have chosen for ourselves to fulfill here on our planet Ekken Ekeinne. For the remainder of this month we will be involved in uncovering our memories, personal records and past life information to assist us in seeing a larger picture of who we are and what our ultimate potential can be.

For those individuals who are closed minded to seeing life in a larger view or shirk personal responsibility, the records from the Akashic realm may be entirely non-existent. Life may continue on as business as usual but for those mystics and truth seekers, the information will come pouring in from multiple sources of origin. We may even re-live or act out certain scenes as though we are living out a theatrical play of our past for this month. When we repeat or re-enact certain aspects of our pasts we are able to cleanse and release anything which may be attached to it in order to become more free in our interpersonal relationships as well as within our own minds.

The ancient human consciousness lured the aspect of memory back to the collective human mind beginning in November. By drawing the aspect of memory back into our collective minds the Akashic record realm is able to help us to piece together any missing information or answer deep internalized questions which we may have ignored. Anything that has been pressing for us in terms of discovery into the true nature and identity of our personal paths or relationships will be revealed this month and will continue on into the New Year.

The Akasi will be assisting in the clear and direct parts of our memories which will serve us in the most ideal and beneficial ways. The clarity of memory and of our true identities (which may be revealed to us in new ways) will flower and expand with the assistance of this information heavy portal. The Akasi tend to give us lots of information, images and insights which can be overwhelming at times, especially if we already have things on our mind.

In order to ease into the new understanding, thoughts and memories which are streaming in this month do something to relax and ease your mind. Use a cool or a warm towel over your eyes and lay down for a few moments, enjoy a relaxing hot drink and maybe read a book. The Akasi tend to be able to give us information in a less aggressive way when our minds are already preoccupied with something else and reading especially tends to do the trick.

We will be receiving information and memories back with no effort needed on our parts, the Akasi will be giving us psychic downloads when we are in the proper setting and are relaxed enough to handle the huge bundle of information which they are gifting us this month and in the New Year. This is a truly magnificent gift from the Akashic record realm and hopefully you will enjoy many more gifts to come this holiday season. The gifts of spirit and memory are especially beautiful, physical possessions mean very little in the scheme of creation and life. Relax, enjoy and keep yourself calm and centered since a lot of information is on its way back to you! Happy holidays to everyone and enjoy the New Year!

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