Create Disclosure Gofundme

Create Disclosure Gofundme


Haita Alt,

Hi Everyone! We are excited to present you all with our project aimed towards getting you more access to information and revealing ET/ UFO disclosure. Please support us in these efforts if you are interested in expanding your knowledge and creating positive change on our planet and for humanity.

Create Disclosure is a movement, as well as a potiental LLC, fighting for the release of hidden information. Information that has and continues to keep humanity in the dark about who we are, where we come from and the potential we all have once given the missing puzzle pieces.

This is not an easy feat to take on but we’re confident that it’s more than possible as we continue to build our community and movement. Our main focus for the past few months has been building our social media presence through Instagram and Twitter. It’s here that we share information, information that cannot be found elsewhere on the internet, about ETs (extraterresial life), “UFOs”/”spaceships”, reptilians, clones/artificial life and DNA importance among many other topics.

Aside from social media, we recently launched our Create Disclosure Meet & Greets. The purpose behind these Meet & Greets is to foster and build a community of like-minded people striving to learn, share and spread the truth. It’s a safe space people can come to and not feel judged or threatened when speaking about the topics we mentioned previously. Normalizing discussions about reptilians, ET contact experiences or whatever it may be is essential to getting our government to release this information nationwide.

So, how do we reach more people?
1) Becoming a LLC (limited liability company)
 2) A website 
3) A YouTube Channel
4) A podcast
5) Hosting healing/educational workshops 
6) Hosting events/festivals 
7) Advertisement 
8) Creating REAL opportunities/jobs for our Create Disclosure Team members! 

This is where we need your support and donations. 
With $10,000 our Create Disclosure Team will be able to build and maintain our website, buy the equipment we need to start recording our interviews and podcasts, host a variety of workshops/events/festivals for you all and lastly, put in the paperwork to become a LLC! We in no way are asking for free hand outs. By donating to this movement, you’re allowing us the necessary resources to provide you all with more content, tools and learning experiences that won’t be limited to Instagram and Twitter. 

The sooner we reach our goal, the sooner we can start creating opportunities for our community as well as ourselves. We need each other to CREATE disclosure! 

Thank you to those that are pushing alongside of us. We appreciate EVERY donation, no matter how small or big it is! Anything helps!  

Unite with purpose to disclose Truth with the intention of liberating humanity so that we may all be free to express our true selves. 

Help spread the word!


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