Cosmic Energy Update January 2014

Cosmic Energy Update January 2014


Greetings Everyone! Here is a Cosmic Energy update for January 2014.

water rainbow

At the beginning of January 2014 there were some very potent and powerful energies which helped us to evaluate and see what is no longer needed in our life paths. We also were given an opportunity to cleanse and release any lesser than or denser energies which were coming up to be acknowledged, released, and healed all for our betterment and evolutionary process. Maybe you have even noticed that individuals are more open than they used to be and this is certainly no accident. Ekken Ekeinne (Planet Earth) is accelerating her own evolutionary path by drawing in the energies and support of her family of Planetary and Cosmic beings.


By invoking the restorative powers of the sun beginning in 2012 our Planet Ekken signaled to the rest of the heavenly planets and celestial bodies that everything in this Universe is ready to move into alignment in order to restore peace everywhere.

The sun brought us warmth and highlighted the sky with beautiful colors which are not visible with physical sight. Sometimes we can catch glimpses of the Sun radiating out a rainbow spectrum to all life on this planet and beyond. This is one of the gifts which was given to us in the first portal of 2012.

We have come a long way since 2012 especially since Ekken has reignited her mission to reconnect with her Planetary friends. Near the end of December 2013 Ekken allowed a cosmic portal of reconnection to be re-formed with her masculine planetary Twin Flame. Ekken’s twin flame or soul companion separated from her a long time ago before humanity’s existence on the planet. His soul drifted away from her but he remained relatively close to her and resided within one of the planets of the Orion constellation, a planet named Ceresa which is in the middle of Orion’s belt.

Ekken Ekeinne finally established a steady, secure, and powerful connection with this Planet Ceresa which is also called Father Ekken. They completed their process January 19th, 2014. Humanity received restorative and balancing energies especially with the divine masculine energies due to this connection with Orion constellation during January 1st-January 19th, 2014. Since the download of energies is complete we should be able to access loving and peaceful energies which will especially help the men inhabiting Ekken.

Now Planet Ekken has opened a portal to the Pleadian constellation in an attempt to bring in the largest ET/ Celestial guidance possible to help humanity move into our next stage of evolution. This portal overlapped the Orion energies and began to come in January 16th, 2014. In order to embrace the Pleadian energies make sure to purify your water, dance, and celebrate life as much as possible.

May everyone enjoy the divine energies of these planetary portals of light, healing and divine love always.


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