Cosmic Energy Update for February 2014

Cosmic Energy Update for February 2014


Greetings All,

January has already came and gone and with it many things are falling away which no longer serve our highest selves. We are stepping into the birthing and more revelatory days now as we begin February 2014. The energies have been shifting so much from month to month as we approach closer to the Moment of Collective Clarity which the collective of humanity is preparing themselves to experience.

What is this “Moment of Collective Clarity” well it means something different for each individual person. For some of us we may be seeing and realizing that outdated parts of us need to fall away, and some of us may be restructuring our lives completely. Since we experienced the Pleadian and Orion portals in more recent months we have found balance and begun to open up paths of communication to our collective of Humanity.

In the ancient past of Lemuria and Atlantis it was common practice in human society to communicate telepathically with one another as a form of reliable and highly advanced communication. In January we may have felt as though we were caught in suspension, not moving forward, as though we were dangling from the cosmos itself. Our actions try to propel us forward but at times the past fears, traumas or frustrations have revealed themselves to us once more so that we can set them free.

As a general principle, humanity does not want to move forward in evolution unless ALL human souls present on the Earth are moving forward in this direction in one way or another. In actuality we have had a increase or amplification of our collective energies of Compassion and Love for the entirety of our human family instead of a select few.

Even for those who are still asleep to the spiritual reality which exists, they too are experiencing a growth in the fields of their heart and their ability to love and transform themselves. We are all being called to action since this Star portal from the Sirius Constellation opened around February 5th, 2014. The Sirius constellation is well known for their contribution to Ancient Egyptian technology and spirituality since beings from Sirius came and worked with the Egyptian people directly in the past.

Sirius is a bringer of keen insight for us all, it helps us to see past the veils which are within us so that we can truly begin to free ourselves from the inside out. Sirius also brings us the gift of the energy of the Cat, it is swift, playful, and at times reckless if necessary. Sirius will remain with us for the rest of this month of February, it is also adding to the energies of the Wood Horse which comes with the Chinese New Year. The cats, dolphins, ancient guides to humanity and all life that comes from Sirius are currently participating in the collective human consciousness in order to help us clear our sights from illusory or false realities.

All of humanity is undergoing this process of deep reflection one one level or another whether it be “is this job the right one for me” or “am I fully on my spiritual path?” we are finally beginning to ask ourselves the hard questions about the nature of our Souls. In the past the collective of humanity was okay with remaining patient for the process of total transformation of spirit, soul, and body to occur but as February picks up this will change. As we continue to move more towards the future, the spirit of humanity will pick up on the subtle messages which Sirius is giving to us now which says “Now is the time to explore what is truly within us”.

The time for personal transformation no longer needs to be put off. Collectively we can decide as one that Now is the time to heal, move forward and grow into our true potentials. May we all experience the blessings of the benevolence of Sirius and all of the multitudes of blessings to come.

May you find your path.

May your path find you.

May your heart always lead the way.


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