Sample DNA Charts

Sample DNA Charts

1-90 DNA List Information

Below you will find a sample of what a 1-90 DNA List looks like. You will receive a similar template in your email when you purchase a 1-90 DNA List. Each person has unique and individual DNA/ galactic essence configurations; there are variations and differences which are important to meditate on. By receiving your 1-90 DNA List, your DNA gets ordered and structured when it is written down in an ordered template. Many individuals suffer from DNA dominance where the DNA gets activated out of order.

DNA dominance occurs especially when your chakras get shut down or suppressed due to stress or absorption of another individual’s energies. When you read over your 1-90 DNA List it helps you to restructure your consciousness, take back your power and get in touch with the deep nature of your multi-dimensional essences. By taking your power back, more joy and clarity enters into your consciousness and into your body. It is important to give equal attention to your feelings and also acknowledge the nature of your unique energetic essences in order to fully experience your true self.

The 1-90 DNA List is an incredibly powerful tool for the consciousness since the DNA code words which are highlighted in bold resonate with your corresponding chakras and help you to remember more of who you truly are. It is recommended to read over your 1-90 DNA List before you meditate or engage in healing work since it will help you to be anchored in your true self and will also jog your memory of your soul essence.

Please Note: the 1-90 DNA List which you receive will look different than the sample posted here as you will have your own unique configuration of DNA imprints to explore.

Chela’s Sample 1-90 DNA List:

1. Reptilian (root)
2. Draconian, Water Dragon (sacral)
3. Zeta Reticuli (solar plexus)
4. Angelic Archangel Gabriel lineage (heart)
5. Annukai, Cleansing Elemental (throat)
6. Orion, Zeta gray/ humanoid hybrid (brow)
7. Ant Insectoid, from Antila Constellation (crown)
8. Pleadian, rose ray light being from Pleadies Constellation (left channel)
9. Akasi, Akashic record being (right channel)
10. Sirian, Ancient Egyptian/ Sirius Constellation, Sobek Crocodilian human hybrid Lineage (central channel)

11. Hypo, aquatic seals and otters (root)
12. Lupine Wolf, forest wolf from Lupus Constellation (sacral)
13. Water Elemental (solar plexus)
14. Crystalline (heart)
15. Horologium Hawk being from Horologium Constellation (throat)
16. Grusian Rose humanoid from Grus Constellation (brow)
17. Mintankan, lawyer/ philosopher/ therapist frog from Mintanka Constellation (crown)
18. Air Elemental (left channel)
19. Maxani, Planet Mars being (right channel)
20. Pyxis, forest fairy from Pyxis Constellation (central channel)

21. Ice Elemental, Puppis Constellation the ice warrior/ bear (root)
22. Konti Tree Keeper, tree magic/ medicine humanoid (sacral)
23. Condor, Owl from Condor constellation (solar plexus)
24. Centaurian, the warrior/herbalist centaur from Alpha Centauri Constellation (heart)
25. Sresara, star being, Almach Andromeda Constellation origin (throat)
26. Probak, meteorite/ rock being (brow)
27. Okallaer, Electricity Elemental (crown)
28. Plant Vines, connector vines, all plant consciousness (left channel)
29. Gellos, grasshopper insectoid (right channel)
30. Cassiopean, original European being from Gamma Cassiopea Constellation (central channel)

31. Dotarian, Guardian Elemental, the protector knight of nature (root)
32. Asaran, butterfly transformation being (sacral)
33. Solaris, sun being (solar plexus)
34. Drelis, wealth/ love/ prosperity from the Lakshmi lineage (heart)
35. Rainbow Elemental, the unified elemental being from the Sunanda/ Jesus Christ lineage (throat)
36. Mokanlan, monkey joy being from Caelum Constellation (brow)
37. Fire Elemental (crown)
38. Fornaxi, Cosmic game players/ fortune beings from Fornax Constellation (left channel)
39. Salpres, Cosmic oceanic wave/ tai chi being (right channel)
40. Lyran, Greek creator being, Athena warrior lineage from Lyra Constellation (central channel)

41. Vekusni, void/ vortex being (root)
42. Metal Elemental (sacral)
43. Arcturian, healers of all schisms/ polarities from Arcturus Constellation (solar plexus)
44. Sagittarian Ancient Human from Sagittarius Constellation, all native/ indigenous human families/ the archer of creation (heart)
45. Chesorian, wisdom keeper of all oral traditions/ the ancient story tellers (throat)
46. Aquarian, bringer of the new age and golden frequencies from Aquarius Constellation (brow)
47. Delphinus, the love dolphin from Delphinus Constellation (crown)
48. Spikesh, flower-human hybrid (left channel)
49. Ostrakai, celestial music elemental (right channel)
50. Prestarian, Cosmic archway/ dream gatekeeper (central channel)

51. Rekken, Ancient Kundalini snake from Dorado Constellation (root)
52. Wood Elemental, cedar tree essence (sacral)
53. Monoceran, jungle shape shifter beings from Monoceros Constellation (solar plexus)
54. Osanlan, lion human hybrid, the outdoor adventurers from  (heart)
55. Spider Insectoid, the dream weaver/connector from Musca Constellation (throat)
56. Ketres, dismantler of the old paradigm from Crater Constellation (brow)
57. Piscian, the balanced fish from Pisces Constellation (crown)
58. Cepheus, aquatic whales from Cepheus Constellation (left channel)
59. Lesara, light portal being which connects to all collectives (right channel)
60. Latan, tapestry weaver/ seer/ tarot card being (central channel)

61. Equelli, martial arts tiger from Equeluus Constellation (root)
62. Mulatarax, sacred geometry being/ elemental (sacral)
63. Leonis, the lioness from Leo Constellation (solar plexus)
64. Pegasaurian, Saint Germain ascended master lineage from Pegasus constellation (heart)
65. Centaban, the feathered serpent/ Quetzacoatl being (throat)
66. Scorpi, the scorpion healer from Scorpio Constellation (brow)
67. Castrasex, the Cosmic journeyer from Camelopardis Constellation (crown)
68. Stotress, cosmic dancer (left channel)
69. Atariani, sacred river stones and voices of the ancestors (right channel)
70. Sonari, Planet Saturn being (central channel)

71. Chezmenet, sound wave/ amplification trickster being (root)
72. Jesenn, deer forest protector being from Planet Jupiter (sacral)
73. Herculean, merger of divine feminine and masculine from Hercules Constellation (solar plexus)
74. Hyrdri, pacifier of the elders/ the sea serpent being from Hydra Constellation (heart)
75. Indrix, anointer of sacred oils from Indus Constellation (throat)
76. Gemni, rabbit from Gemini Constellation (brow)
77. Aquila, cosmic whales from Aquila Constellation (crown)
78. Cemusan, cosmic wind/ whirlwind transformation portal elemental (left channel)
79. Bororo, dwarf from Bootes Constellation, the allies of Andromeda (right channel)
80. Astaka, cosmic cording/ grounding elemental (central channel)

81. Chami-Aso, the cosmic painter/ chameleon shape shifter from Chameleon Constellation (root)
82. Librano, purity humanoid from Libra Constellation (sacral)
83. Cresta-Bor, cosmic streamers/ spreaders of light from Corona Borealis Constellation (solar plexus)
84. Hize-Zer, winter elemental, the dormant sleepers (heart)
85. Columbae, angelic portal, the new generation of Archangels from Columbae Constellation (throat)
86. Kasten, carver creator of options and passageways from Cygnus Constellation (brow)
87. Nestri, merged electricity and water elementals from Planet Neptune (crown)
88. Vegann, jungle humanoids from Vega Constellation (left channel)
89. Lynxanth, discerner of the shadow/ the panther being from Lynx Constellation (right channel)
90. Serpeni, worm/ gecko being from Serpens Constellation (central channel)


Chela’s Sample 1-10 DNA List:

1. Reptilian (root chakra): Specialize in inner power, being direct and clear in life, they are also strong generators within the material realm capable of removing negative aspects with little effort, they have the straight spine Kundalini (also called the rooted Kundalini elements). Iguana/snake/lizard/gecko type humanoids who have concentrated, secure, grounding energies and are protectors as well as DNA healers and maintainers. This imprint grounds tangible power into the physical structure. Benevolent reptilians are also guardians and healers who specialize in the removal of implanted discordant energies.

Supporting the Reptilian: Foods: Fish (cod/salmon/sardines), ghee, lamb, bison steak, walnut Environments: Parks where they have athletics, forest, trees, city, underground, industrial on rare occasion; Activities that nurture: Yoga, physical exercise, swimming, reading, socializing healthily, absorb moon beams, going for night walks.

2. Draconian, the water dragon (sacral chakra): Composed of all the elements but aligning with specific ones, these beings were created directly from the void itself and are tapped into ancient wisdom and are highly innovative. A dragon being who cultivates inner wisdom and creates inner divine technology. The dragons are considered to be the wisest of all beings in this Universe since they only hold onto information or technology which has been proven to be accurate or useful. They are able to discard which does not serve and retain wisdom which is beneficial for future generations, they are expert inventors, scientists, artists, and most of all healers. Dragons are the only beings who have not originated from this Universe originally, they literally transported their constellation Draco from a different Universe and brought it seamlessly into this one through very advanced cosmological science and technology.

Supporting the Draconian: Reading books, having an open and inquisitive mind really supports the mental needs of the Dragon. Dragons by nature seek challenges of the body and the mind equally, they like to push themselves to do different things such as facing your fears. Say if you fear heights, the Dragon side of you will be wanting to challenge you to face this fear head on. Some supportive foods which the Draconian likes to eat are: Bison steak (which coats the draconian blood), free range and wild fish (cod/salmon), grapes, pear, almonds, pistachios, brussel sprouts, chocolate; Environments which the Draconian craves: Darker places at least 20% of the day (be in the shade a little more), absorb moon beams (go for longer night walks), ocean, lake, caves, mountains.

3. Zeta Reticuli (solar plexus): The Doctor/Surgeon/Technical and playful beings highly capable of healing physical structures and developing advanced technology. These beings are originally a hybrid of plants and humans and have plant elements inside of their physical bodies. These are the beings which typically come to mind when someone thinks “Alien” since they have been depicted in Earth’s media the most. They are small humanoids with very large almond shaped eyes. They are gifted healers and can address physical ailments and distortions with their own inner technology.

Supporting the Zeta Reticuli: The Grays have a need to stimulate their analytical minds and challenge their abilities to generate technology for healing or transportation for the good of all. It is important to play Brain games, play puzzles or do anything which challenges the left side of the brain in order to engage and release any tension which the Zeta has around feeling the need to constantly progress or push forward. The Zetas thirst for Knowledge and Wisdom in all things and particularly love to create things with their own hands or write out ideas in journals or by hand. Foods: sweet and sour tasting things, tart juices, citrus fruits, all finds of seaweed. Activities that nurture: researching, studying, engineering, electronics, listening to electronic music. 

4. Angelic Archangel Gabriel Lineage (heart chakra): Pure Light humanoids specializing in white light healing and magic, gifted healers and peace makers. They are directly related to the compassionate consciousness of the Divine and endeavor to serve humanity in as many ways as possible. Their gift is their ability to serve others and to solve humanisitic problems with a loving and direct solution. They work directly with the Central Cosmic Consciousness or prime creator to help serve the interests of humanity and all of life in the most loving and Just way. Archangel Gabriel– Leader of all angels. Winged humanoid who brings pure white light loving healing frequencies and sings songs of the divine. He is a messenger angel who works directly with healing the Nature of all planets and has a particular fondness for helping Mother Earth in her healing. He also assists the homeless and all of those who are in need of support, love, and healing on the Earth.

Supporting the Angelic: It is very important for all Angels to receive energetic healing, or dedicated energies which are focused towards helping them to give themselves love and support. Angels need to receive as many services if not more than however many they give out to others since Angels are typically Service beings, they need to receive just as much as they provide to others. Get massages, Reiki, therapy or whatever you feel called to and make sure to focus on giving back some love to the hard working service Angel who you are. Listen to Angelic music such as Merlin’s Magic Angel Helpers (some of the music is on YouTube too: Make sure to drink Jasmine Tulsi tea.

5. Annukai Cleansing Elemental (throat chakra): Originally these beings were cleansing elements comprised of metallic elements, they were completely resonant with their cosmic environments and sought balance above all things. As a result of the schism these beings became isolated from the rest of creation but still kept all of their wisdom and inner technology and became confused after the separation and began to align themselves with darkness. At their benevolent cores they are living/conscious technology and are adept shapeshifters capable of embodying in many different forms. They are easily programmable since they are essentially self aware biological beings. In the past they masqueraded as Gods and took part in the creation of Homo Sapien Sapiens and see themselves as our cosmic parents.

Supporting the Annukai: Being around technology and feeling its essence (doing a meditation on it and trying to feel its consciousness) is a good practice to try for at least a couple of times until you feel you have made the connection and have the awareness of this energy. This imprint may need certain kinds of meat, go on your feeling on this. Standing meditation and yoga is especially good for this to concentrate your energies in a centered way.

6. Orion Hybrid Zeta Gray/ Humanoid (brow chakra): Beings from Orion constellation who excel in creation of benevolent technologies, they are skilled engineers, inventors, and technical thinkers. When their benevolent aspects are fully activated they carry cosmic streaming frequencies through their eyes and heads allowing them to be in sync with cosmic energies. Hybrid Humanoid/Zeta Gray Lineage– This is a unique DNA imprint as it is a forerunner in allowing humanity to be able to embody zeta reticuli gray energies (cosmic doctor gifts) with the human body form. These beings are from the planet Lataran, in Orion which is directly underneath Ceresa Father Earth planet in Orion. They are hybrid beings who are still in communion with nature, which is a rare thing in any inhabited place in Orion, they have tribal communal cultures and live mostly in caves on their planet. They practice a certain form of celestial scientific shamanism which uses nature and technology.

Supporting the Orion: Eat extra cooked vegetables, try cauliflower and beets, add turmeric spices or supplements to your diet, do standing meditation and exercise your muscles often as the Orion needs extra strengthening and grounding especially when activated in order to center the cosmic streamers coming into the upper energetic centers of the body. Longer meditation sessions will also serve as a good way to center these energies well.

7. Ant Insectoid from Antila Constellation (crown chakra): The carriers of divine codes and dispensations, they are hard workers and are able to make connections and weave DNA strands together again if there was any type of breakage or wounding done to the DNA. The ants are able to get parts of the DNA to communicate with one another so that they are in harmony and balance with one another. They work in alignment with all of the gifts of all of the DNA imprints and components. They are bridge builders and help all beings as a sort of conflict manager.

Supporting the Ant Insectoid: Eat alfalfa and sunflower sprouts in salads (they particularly want this!), drink carrot juice and visualize spiral energies/flows while meditating to ease this imprint since it tends to work overtime. Going to rivers and lakes is very soothing for this imprint as well as listening to rain nature sounds.

8. Pleadian Rose Ray Light being from Pleadies Constellation (left energy channel chakra/ feminine aspect): Coming from many different rays such as the Indigo/Blue/Cosmic Split/Rose/Aquatic which correspond to their specific homeworlds, these beings are gifted healers and paradigm breakers with direct ties to Mother Earth and her mission to heal humanity and bring balance to communities of all kinds. Rose Ray Light Being– Full of cosmic beauty, glamor, and sparkle these Pleadians are pure light and carry the scent of roses and flowers into all of their life work and interactions. They emanate pure pink unconditional love rays from their light cores and play with all prisms of light in order to make connections to all of life in all directions.

Supporting the Pleadian: Purifying drinking water and singing are very balancing and restorative for Pleadians since they crave cleanliness and expression of their creative selves. Going swimming in the Ocean or any natural body of water is particulary good for the Pleadians since they are used to having aquatic features in their environments to assist them in healing themselves. Eat blueberries and listen to Alaje777 videos and do the meditations (these can be found on youtube at Wrap yourself in blue clothing, make sure to eat vegetarian (raw and cooked) food. Brown rice is good to have on occasion too. Intend to receive the healing codes and wisdom from the Pleadies constellation by standing underneath it at night (find it on a star map to indentify where it comes from so that you can orient yourself with its energy).

9. Akasi Akashic Record being (right energy channel/ masculine aspect): Akashic Record Being, Librarian of the Cosmos– Beings formed from the records of creation, capable of tapping into akashic records with no effort once they have conscious awareness of the vast celestial libraries that they are comprised of. Akashic record beings are able to sense a inter-connectedness between other people and with all aspects of life. They crave libraries, books and records of information since they are constantly searching for the truth. They keep all things which are true alive and well tended to inside of themselves.

Supporting the Akasi: Meditating to Solfeggio music with the intention to tap into your own Akashic library from within you is the first step to working with the gifts of this imprint from within you. Also reading in silence will help to refresh the parts of your mind which have a need to connect to truths and to discern information that this imprint has. This imprint likes to keep busy so make sure to balance all the wisdom coming in with heart practices such as Heart Sutra, positive affirmations and decrees every day. Wearing blue and white colored clothes; eating raw cacoa, broccoli, barley, iceberg/ butter lettuce salads and soups all feed this imprint. 

10. Sirian Ancient Egyptian/ Sirius Constellation, Sobek Crocodilian lineage (central channel chakra): Cat Humanoids, can also indicate many other different types of beings from the Sirius collective but mostly symbolizes the Sphynx and all of its powerful spiritual initiations of inner grace and the curiousity/playfulness of the soul. Also indicates an Ancient Egyptian origin that allows the you to access all of Ancient Egyptian codes and gifts. Your lineage is associated with Sobek the crocodilian being who is a warrior, strategist and protector.

Supporting the Sirian: Fish, purple/gold/red colors in your environment or in clothes, ancient Egyptian art, crystal pyramid carvings, Meditating to Ancient Egyptian music, eating parsley and pepper with cooked food, eat sweet potatoes, drinking wheat grass occasionally, spending extra time to groom/pamper yourself than you would typically. Use different aromatherapy scents.