DNA Charts

DNA Charts

Root DNA Imprint

– $25 –

Discover your true essence, where you come from and what your basic attributes are. Many people in New Age tradition have given false information to individuals claiming that our “star” essences can only be either: Pleiadian, Arcturian, Sirian or Nordic only. There are very few sources of information available for people when they are searching for their star families and star essences because the current information is incorrect. In actuality our variety of experience as human beings is vast and nearly infinite, including many different lineages or families of Creation which we can be related to.

With the Root DNA reading you will learn about what you truly embody at the core level of your being and soul. Your root DNA reading is the most important for learning what are your main personality attributes and basic needs. The Root DNA reading is for the Root Chakra DNA information only but pertains a plethora of wisdom which helps you to get connected and get started with discovering the rest of your DNA lineage and gifts. This is a great introduction for beginners who do not know about Cosmic DNA lineages and are seeking to learn more or simply get a correction for a previous reading from a psychic who has led them astray.

Requirements for reading: Please submit 3 pictures of yourself (without anyone else in the shot). Your current full name (first and last) and your email so we can send you the brief information about what your Root DNA information is. Once we receive your payment, pictures and contact information we will get started on doing the reading for you.

1-10 DNA Chart

– $100 –

Your key Galactic personalities and foundation of your physical embodiment.
Our first set of 10 Multi-Dimensional DNA imprints correlate with our first Ten Chakras and our Three major energetic fields.

Each DNA imprint has particular qualities and personalities which help us to connect to the greater sense of oneness through our physical bodies. Inside of our bodies we hold magnificent capabilities to connect with nature and the wisdom of our planet Ekken Ekeinne. As humans we are uniquely blessed with the ability to store many different energetic forms or imprints within us. During this evolutionary process we begin to unlock these abilities from within us by allowing our bodies, minds, and souls to become more healthy. These charts briefly explain the specific qualities of your first ten DNA imprints and also include some basic ideas or suggestions for how to nurture or feed them.

*Please note that the suggestions for feeding the DNA imprints, are just suggestions and if they are not in alignment with your current diets, interests or tastes please stick with what your intuition tells you. These explanations serve to give you a basic idea of what the basic attributes or tendencies of certain families of multi-dimensional DNA are and how they relate to you individually.

*In order to purchase a 1-10 DNA Chart is recommended that you first send at least three pictures of yourself as well as your full first and last name in order to insure accuracy of chart readings. You can send your request for a 1-10 DNA Chart by email to the specified email contact mentioned in the introduction part of this page or by using the Contact page of this site.

1-90 Complete DNA List

– $550 –

All of your Galactic Aspects.

Includes the entire 1-90 DNA imprint names with brief identification information only. The rest of your Multi-Dimensional DNA imprints function differently from the first ten since they are much more subtle and help you to expand your light energy fields into fine matter spaces. Just reading the names of your full 90 DNA imprints will help to stabilize the energy in your physical body especially when you are going through a process of rapid growth. It is important to take these words of your sacred celestial, planetary connections into all levels of your embodiment which you have in this lifetime.

This list is a very powerful meditative and healing tool which you can use on yourself at any time. Reading your 90 DNA will bring a sense of serenity, connection and has the ability to connect you more closely to your guides and allies on this planet and beyond.