Big Changes Coming in 2017 for Spiritual Awakening & DNA Activation

Big Changes Coming in 2017 for Spiritual Awakening & DNA Activation

The New Year is almost upon us, before this new phase of awakening begins I wanted to share an exciting update with all of you.

Many of us have felt excitement for something new, and openly embraced fresh change in our lives. Whenever the New Year approaches this excitement sets in again, helping us to re-focus and design our life trajectory in a coordinated way. I have taken a hiatus from my regular posts on Golden Almach Creation because of the lack of support I had in the past to keep it going strong. For 2017, all of this will change as I have a New Years Resolution for Golden Almach.

I always envisioned Golden Almach as a platform where I would be able to share the knowledge and Galactic information I have gleamed in my action packed life with all of you. I saw the posts as a way to help all of you get to know all of the amazing species, opportunities, perspectives and gifts which our DNA, the Cosmos and Creation has to offer to all of us. Golden Almach is a source of inspiration which exists beyond myself, it is driven by the forces of our planet Ekken Ekeinne and all of our Galactic family.

It means a lot to me on a personal level in fact since it serves as a space to meditate and reflect upon Creation each time I offer the wisdom to all of you. It feels good and oh so right because it is in accordance with the desire of Creation as a whole. For this reason, the need for holding it sacred and giving it support was something that I felt was lacking entirely. Regardless of how people will treat it, or myself, I will push forward because a great spiritual awakening is happening which has been ongoing for years. This is an awakening process which I hope to support and give strength with all that I have.

Many of you are working hard to activate your DNA, awaken your consciousness, educate yourself and embrace what life has to offer in a positive way. Your motivation inspires others and is greatly cherished! The momentum of spiritual awakening and the curiosity to explore the wisdom of the Cosmos will grow for years to come, it will not subside but rather gain in strength by each year and especially by each generation of humanity. In the near future, the need for spirituality and connection with Creation will become the priority for humanity.

Here is how I will contribute to this rising tide of collective human consciousness seeking for the truth:

  • In 2017 I will bring back Cosmic Energy Monthly Updates on Golden Almach Creation.
  • I will be releasing consistent YouTube videos on my YouTube channel @ChelaCooley.
  • I will be posting to Social Media accounts and making an effort to communicate with interested, sincere individuals when I can.
  • I will continue working hard with the Create Disclosure team to bring Disclosure and further our goals for the benefit of all.

I look forward to bringing this abundance of knowledge, wisdom and resources to you all! I hope that you all contribute to the changing landscape of blossoming human consciousness oriented towards a positive lifestyle and mindset.

Have a Happy New Year!

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