August 2017 Cosmic Energy Update

Have you taken time to smell the flowers?

The softness, feminity and beauty of the Spikesh flower beings support us in our next stage of emotional healing and awareness for this month of August into September 2017. When we enjoy being around flowers our minds relax, our emotions soothe and our hearts expand into our environments. Flowers remind us to appreciate the beauty in our lives and have gratitude for what we have in this moment here and now.

The electric and stimulating nature of the Okallaer Electricity Elemental portal which opened in June has now subsided, hopefully your energy isn’t over stimulated at this point! This warrior like energy is now replaced with a very soft and inviting feeling which is a stark difference from the portal before it since we have now entered into the Spikesh Flower being portal for this month. For those of us looking for an opportunity to feel a greater sense of ease and comfort in our lives with all of the chaos surrounding us in everyday life we will have a nice relaxing break with the stunning beauty and emotional support which comes from the nature realm.

This emotional support is offered specifically by the consciousness and spirit of all flowers. When you see flowers this month and into September realize that the flowers are acting in a super conscious way, they are not only bringing you pleasure and beauty into your space but they are also offering you tremendous emotional healing and support. If you hope to utilize the power of this cosmic portal it is highly recommended that you go out into nature to enjoy flowers, spend time in your garden (if you have your own flower friends), or enjoy a flower bouquet at home if you are not able to enjoy flowers in their natural environments. If you pick flowers please realize that you are taking a conscious being home and ending its lifespan, ask the flower first before picking it if it is okay or if you get it at the store offer it Reiki or healing energy in gratitude and intend for the mother plant to be receiving this healing and gratitude blessing in return.

Spikesh flower beings not only bring emotional joy and balance into our lives they also help us to laugh and chuckle from time to time and make light of the seriousness or rigidness of others when they force corruption upon us. Spikesh are remarkably strong in the face of corruption even if they cannot fight back physically, their minds are fortified against corruption since their primary focus and direction in their life is about being oriented towards beauty, comfort and pleasure in nature. Spikesh bring aromatic, stunning and brightness to their environments, they tend to reject the ugliness of corruption and even whither or hide away from those whom they feel a negative sensation from. This is why certain flowers tend to die faster when surrounded by corrupted or sick individuals/ environments. Flower beings reject corruption and ugliness since it goes against who they are as an entire group, it is the antithesis to everything which they represent and offer in their lifetimes. Be like the flower beings and automatically reject whatever is corrupted even when it masks itself in “fake prettiness” surrounding itself with riches, nice clothes or posh mansions all the while abusing others.

Flower beings are skilled at revealing the real appearance beneath the superficial exterior of others. You may have been manipulated by others to believe in their beauty and allure in a superficial way and this Cosmic Portal will strip away that manipulation/ fakeness so that you will be able to see the true nature of others in an easier way moving forward. Use this momentum to question what you define as beauty and allow yourself to expand your definition of what beauty truly is, evaluate the superficial and you will find that your emotions and sense of self will greatly improve. Do not forget to take time to connect with the flowers, enjoy nature even if it is for only a few minutes, this Cosmic Portal will certainly amplify the effects of the beauty of nature and help you to re-calibrate yourself to have more positive reflections of your self and self-identity. May you see beauty as it truly is defined by Creation as well as see the beauty within yourself and your soul.

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