August 2014 Cosmic Energy Update

August 2014 Cosmic Energy Update

void dragon Greetings everyone,

The Archangel portal has finally come to a close, the energies and healings of the Archangels were continuing until August 10th, 2014. The entire company of Archangels have been working hard since last month assisting humanity in becoming crystal clear as to what is fully serving and what is not since last July. Now that the Archangels have given us clarity and deep psychological healing we have entered into a space of ancient consciousness and wisdom which has become available in this new portal. The Draconian portal has opened for this month to assist all of creation to come into balance in alignment with Creator and with the divine will of the entire Cosmos.

The dragons are able to provide wisdom and valuable information which is helpful for giving direction to your life path. The Dragons dissolve all resistance to fully accepting your life path and connect you directly to your higher spiritual guidance. Turbulence will arise when you are in resistance to using your unique gifts in your daily life, if we are turning away from our true passions, we will be met with resistance. The Dragons working from the Draco Constellation give guidance in very clear ways, they will stir up the energy fields and create sign posts when you are moving out of alignment with yourself.

The Dragons are urging us forwards to step into a place of full power and full knowing of who we really are so that we can accept our place in the grand Cosmic plan. When Dragons work directly with our planet Ekken Ekeinne they create spaces of rapid paradigm shifts and fundamentally change the nature of perceived realities. The Dragon energies can cause uncertainties if we are not feeling connected to our sense of purpose or to our greater roles to play. Dragon energies open up libraries of wisdom and help you to enter into a space of inner knowing of the true nature of yourself. All embodiments and forms are able to open up to the pure streams of knowing and becoming what their truest potentials can be when we are open to receiving the wisdom which is provided to us from the Dragons.

We will be challenged to expand into the spaces within us which we may have neglected or avoided out of fear of accepting our true power and true selves. The Dragons do not give us gentle reminders, they give us loud and clear messages as to how to connect with the purity of our spirit/ soul/ wisdom and inner power. This month will give us time to accumulate useful information allowing us to heal any obstacles or barriers so that we can fully embody our true selves and our true soul’s missions and desires.

The Dragons will be keeping a watchful eye giving us loud and clear cues as to which direction we should move in order to reach a state of fullness and total clarity of soul, spirit, body and mind. This month will lead us to beginning the journey of embracing a clear and resonating life path which is in alignment with our inner most soul’s desires and purpose. Now is the time to embrace the fullness of our inner most wisdom and to access the libraries of truth which are being opened for us, page by page this month leading us into a space where new paradigms are possible. 

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