April 2017 Cosmic Energy Update

Acceleration, efficiency & focus.


Rejuvenating energy coming through the Rabbit cosmic portal this April 2017.
Have you ever felt a strong push or urgency to get things done in one moment and then in the next moment this same feeling disappears? The force behind our inspiration wavers when our focus drifts and is pulled into different directions. Our change in focus is not the only thing that pulls us away from a consistent focus and dedication of energy to fulfill our life goals and plans, there are other factors which come into play.

For every lack of motivation we feel, this is stemming from a force which is sometimes influenced by something malevolent in nature; it is a pressure which is invisible which pulls us into a distracted and unfocused state. Humanity is constantly under this pressure since their focus is being taken away from their passion and true soul’s interest on a daily basis. Humanity is forced to put their attention on something which is mundane and meaningless all of the time whether or not work is involved or not. Small things add up to huge concentrated tasks very quickly especially when this force is continuously exerting itself upon you.

Thankfully this month we have the great fortune of being supported by the rabbit energy which is coming through the current cosmic portal which our planet has brought in for all of us. The rabbit helps us to accelerate our plans which help our souls to feel fulfilled and complete rather than starved and thirsty state which humanity is currently forced to accept.

The rabbit never accepts a reality which is dull or forcing its joyless atmosphere upon them, regardless the rabbit will always have a glimmer of softness and happiness coming through them like all nature beings, they push negativity away at all costs. It does not approach their minds but can certainly impact them physically. We are no different except for the fact that we have become dull and numb to this overwhelming and negative pressure to the point where we have accepted that it is a normal state of being to operate under.

The rabbit energy is serving as a reminder for all of us to step up to the plate and take full command over ourselves and our lives in ALL ways we can and desire to do so which makes sense given our community and life circumstances. This Cosmic Portal will help you to feel more driven, focused and efficient in actually going after fulfilling the needs of your soul.

You will begin to realize when you are pushing your souls desires away and undermining your soul’s needs by labeling them as something superfluous as some extravagant. It’s time to consider if your soul’s desire is pushing you to fulfill something which is actually needed for your soul’s development or just a momentary phase of interest passing by.

This Cosmic Portal will push you to look very carefully at the messages your soul is giving you in an expeditious and efficient way. Be loving towards yourself but also be honest and you will see that your life really will grow rapidly to the next level of wholesomeness in no time.


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