April 2015 Cosmic Energy Update

April 2015 Cosmic Energy Update


Grenti Hanlan (greetings good friends in Centaur language),
Since I have been writing these cosmic energy updates I have noticed an emerging trend, and it has been very revelatory at that. Many of you feel the need to sink into whatever is comfortable in life, whatever you feel is the most tangible and secure. Due to this need to sink into infantile like tendencies there has been little to no progress in activation of the collective of humanity’s DNA.

In fact many people have completely turned away from the nature and gifts of their true selves in order to surrender to something more socially comfortable and more destructive instead. Unfortunately many of you have chosen to serve the corruption even when you believe that you are choosing for something else entirely. What you may desire in terms of fulfilling a certain image and what you actually do in practice seem are two completely different things.
By choosing for what is comfortable and more socially acceptable many of you have closed yourself off to the path of realizing your true identity and connection to what is real and good in existence. For many months the tone of the cosmic energy updates has been one meant to bring you a sense of optimism, happiness and even excitement. I have tried my best to explain from a space of love and great respect how it is possible to totally embrace creation in a loving and healthy way. Despite my many efforts, throughout many lifetimes, this message of connection to creation has fallen on mostly deaf ears.

For many people only the norms of society are attractive so much so that they reject what they feel and know is true and work directly against their own real self-interest. There is no way for others to save anyone from this type of behavior. If you want to experience real happiness you must make the effort to change habits such as these. Society which is based on hierarchy, has offered you nothing but lies and empty possessions. If you remain attached to creating your identities and sense of well-being based off of what is being offered or fed to you rather than what you feel and know is right then you will always be experiencing a state of suffering.
With the cosmic energy updates maybe it has seemed like a stretch into the unknown or a challenge in order to relate to what is being shared on an individual level.

Some of you may have wondered how does one even interpret and understand this level of information and what use is it at all to you personally? It may seem difficult to approach new information or to accept the unlimited nature of the DNA imprints, but to turn away from your natural self actually is expending far more of your energy and efforts than you realize. What many of you may have not realized is that what is being offered to you in the wisdom of the cosmic energy portals is a tremendous gift, it is the gift of memory and activation. To remember the nature of creation and your connection to it is in fact the definition of happiness. How can one be happy if you do not actually feel the world around you? If you are numb living in abstractions you can never feel content enough to experience and enjoy the reality you are currently experiencing. Without an appreciation of nature you can never relate to nature in a true sense; if you don’t understand the value of something you can never fully relate to it. I hope that this serves as a source of motivation for all of you although the tone of this update may be a shock to you.

How does all of this information relate to this month’s cosmic energy update? Last month the joy of the Mokanla monkey was pervasive throughout the planet although many were too worried or preoccupied to notice or take a break to have fun. I hope that you were one of the few who were enjoying the playful side of life and that you continue to do so. This month is the Centaur cosmic energy portal, if you are unfamiliar with astrology it is interesting to note that the closest constellation to our planet is Alpha Centauri constellation. All centaurs originate from the centaur constellation cluster and used to live on this planet in large populations in the age of Lemuria and for a brief time during Atlantis. Centaurs are master chefs and specialize in the art of cooking and health remedies with natural ingredients. Centaurs are said to be human-horse hybrids who are married to the spirit of the land and they have a deep appreciation for healthy and balanced nourishment. The centaurs in the past were great teachers to humanity and helped people to understand how to appreciate the land and the fruits in which it bore.

Since it is the centaur portal this month some memories of how to reconnect with the positive aspects of food, nourishment and the environment may be coming back to you, if you are open to it. It may even be possible that some of the memories of the times of Lemuria and Atlantis may be coming into focus for healing and reconciliation as well. This planet has a traumatic memory connected to the suffering in which the centaurs experienced at the hands of fearful humanity in the past. During the times of Lemuria there was a brief time when humanity co-existed with their centaur neighbors. With the advent of advanced technology and a different identity of separateness which humanity created during the days of Atlantis very violent attitudes were created as a result. Atlanteans made centaurs extinct during the days of Atlantis in an effort to keep all natural resources for humanity alone. Atlantis drove away the nature beings and cosmic visitors who were predominately living in wild environments of Lemuria and this attitude of dismissiveness of humanity against the “others” still exists today.

As I mentioned previously the feelings of a need to connect to what is familiar only have driven humanity to some very aggressive and destructive tendencies, this was the case in the past and this attitude sadly has persisted in the present day. It is up to each one of us individually to take a positive path for ourselves and to actively push ourselves to understand things which appear to be challenging to us such as the existence of the DNA imprints, the consciousness of our planet and the potential connections we can have to creation itself. If you are able to trust in your ability to use your own sense of direction, your ability of discernment and your inner state of real honest love then you will be able to connect to something incredibly beautiful and pure which is real creation. While the truth which is resounding deep within your spirit, soul and clear mind may be intimidating or may seem like too much energy or effort to rise to the challenge, I believe that we can all rise to the challenge if we desire to do so. May all of your positive efforts and intentions be fruitful.


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