April 2014 Cosmic Energy Update

April 2014 Cosmic Energy Update

April 2014 Cosmic Energy Update

Greetings All,

This month another Cosmic portal is upon us, it is the portal which originates from Condor Constellation. Before we explore the opportunities which are presented to us this month of April, let us review last month. Last March the Mintankan frogs helped us to connect more deeply with our psyches and evaluate our beliefs so that we could release what no longer serves. We all had a chance to go deeply within and see past programs which we want to release from our lives.

The joy of the frog helped us to approach the murky shadows within our minds with ease, happiness and grace. With the grace and uplifting joy which the frogs brought we were able to leap into our new realities. We were able to shed off many layers of the Old Paradigm and peer into a world of the Unknown with a renewed curiosity and playful spirit. In the past five, ten, or twenty years if we would have peered into this Unknown world we may have felt intimidated by its presence since the surrounding landscape was not ready to receive the abundance which it held.

Since humanity has been shifting into higher states of consciousness we have been able to bridge the energies of the unknown higher dimensional worlds of love into our current third/ fourth dimensional spaces on Planet Earth. More reflections and possibilities for love, expansion, abundance and growth have opened up before us since we have opened our hearts to the possibility of living in a harmonious way. By working on our selves and by allowing more self-love to come into our lives we have opened the doorways of collaboration, peace, and communication with the Divine to deepen.

A new world, a new space of unconditional love and peace is open all around us. The space for the existence of a loving reality is everywhere especially if we allow ourselves to give love to ourselves. From the center of the self, love can emanate to all of life which we consider to be external to us.

With the help of each energetic portal that alternates in their association with Planet Earth we have been able to receive Cosmic assistance in our journey of transformation and growth. Throughout many generations humanity has been working with the unseen worlds which utilize the cosmic portals in which Planet Earth opens her heart to every month.

Mother Earth opens her heart and entire being to her celestial brothers, sisters and relations in different cycles each month. She opens up these energetic portals which correspond to different constellations and the specialized healing, restorative, loving energies which they provide. This month Mother Earth has opened up the star portal which is connected to the Condor Constellation.

native american eagle

The energies which are contained in this portal not only bring in the power, glory and focus which the Condor has, it also brings in the essence of the Eagle too. Eagles, Condors, and Owls all work within the energy which the Condor Constellation brings. They have single focused energies and have the ability to make manifest what is needed in record time so be ready to feel the speed and efficiency of the Condor come in to motivate you. If we are feeling run down, lethargic, or in a “low” state of mind and body then we have an opportunity to rise up and re-balance our energies with the knowledge that there is a specific source of energy or inspiration that we have yet to tap into.

You may discover that all that is needed for inspiration for this month will be taking the time to engage in the activities which bring you joy and help you to be creative. By engaging your creative self you will feel an instant rise in your energy, drive, and determination. This month the Solar Plexus chakra will be stimulated, healed and challenged to grow since the Condors and the Eagles are masters at helping us to become more empowered in our lives.

The Condors and Eagles connect with the spirit of the Air, Land, and Water. They dwell within many different elemental spaces and have the courage to venture into new environments. We may find that we are carried to new destinations, new ways of thinking, seeing or being since the Condor has a tendency to move us forward on our paths with rapid acceleration. The natural realm of the Earth will be calling to us to connect with her beauty and wisdom. When we listen to the call of Nature and allow ourselves to return to nature, to a garden, or a silent refuge we will be able to feel the gentle energies of our true spirits feeling calm. The power of Nature will also allow us to feel weightless and free of any obstacles on our paths.

Condor Perched

We will be able to shift between a state of being calm /centered and also accelerated/activated at varied times throughout this month. This April is a very rapid transformational portal, we may not even realize how fast the Eagles and Condors are flying around us bringing us new energies in which we can connect to a greater sense of ourselves and our spirits. The best way to ride the wave of this month is to be open to different moments where our bodies are asking us to rest or to be active. If we honor the requests of our bodies needs we will float through this transformational portal with a free air-like feeling guiding us through our daily lives.

Now is a great time to take notice of when the requests of the body are being neglected or denied, if we are able to analyze how and why these responses come up then we will learn a lot about what is needed. If we can honor the needs of the body, the spirit will be able to shine through brightly. The Condors and Eagles ask that we rejoice in the splendor and grace which our bodies have within. Imagine yourself suspended in air flying over the surface of the Planet, observing all of the beautiful lush landscapes which abound. By taking in the beauty of the Planet you will be able to see a reflection of the beauty which is within you. It is easy to pick up on the joy and total acceptance which the Condors and Eagles have to experience the freedom of flight with their bird forms. When we dance, move and allow our bodies to freely express themselves we can experience independence from negativity and density.

By focusing on the body and listening to the body’s needs you may discover something deep, subtle and Divine within yourself. If you have a tendency to focus on the power of the third eye or visualizations try to engage the wisdom which your body has to share with you this month instead. The Condors and Eagles are adept at assisting us to embrace the power and freedom which our bodies can experience and they will be with us for this entire month.

This month is based more on the principle of the geometric wisdom of the Pyramid and the Cube. The Pyramid is a symbol of the Eagle which allows us to tap into the endless expansive energy of spiritual growth. The Cube is the symbol of the Condor which allows us to tap into the wisdom which all physical forms or bodies have to offer us for our spiritual development.

There are two different perspectives, energies, or alignments which can be accessed through this portal. This month is highly dynamic, we will be able to retreat into an air-like free flowing space when we need to disconnect or we can engage in the intensity of rapid spiritual growth. Know that there are two active tools at your disposal for the month of April.

You can call upon the Eagle when you feel prepared to actively participate with the energies which are present and rapidly glide along with the transformational energies which are working with Planet Earth. Or you can call upon the Condor to focus on going within your body to feel more of the energies which come from within you, doing this will help you to feel within and discover a retreat within your spirit/soul. Play with the energies which are present this month and know that you can discover both sources of wisdom and freedom which come with the opening of Condor Constellation.


May you glide, soar, retreat, and feel the freedom of the multitude of blessings which the precious Eagles and Condors are bringing us this month.

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