De Mystifying New Age Terminology

De Mystifying New Age Terminology

Why do I use the name Golden Almach for my website? Surely I could have used any other kind of name to attract and lure more people using flashy titles with New Age references such as “Starseed,” “Light Worker,” or “Twin Flame”. To use these words to express something of a truly spiritual nature is diminishing for the consciousness, sure there are some real forms of these things but they are certainly not what you believe them to be. Let me briefly decode some of the true associations of these spiritual terms so that you have a better sense of what they really are and how they are being misrepresented and abused by New Agers today. My intention is to present pure, honest and truthful information which comes from the source not from some source of delusional egotistical boosting which New Agers use to make themselves feel important. I believe that New Age “sources” are another form of religion NOT spirituality meant to control and suppress humanity, they also have a corrupted backing from illuminati which makes their message dominant for those seeking real spiritual information.

Let’s decode some of these terms and evaluate what is actually being said by New Agers to make you feel as though you are a lesser spiritual being:

Starseed according to are “beings that have experienced life elsewhere in the Universe on other planets and in non-physical dimensions other than on Earth.”

This statement makes it seem as though only CERTAIN people have experienced life off planet as though it is something exclusive and based on hierarchy. The truth is EVERY HUMAN HAS EXPERIENCED LIFE OFF PLANET ALREADY!!! YOU WERE ALREADY INCARNATED OFF PLANET MANY MANY TIMES! According to Creator’s law you cannot embody as a human unless you have minimum of one past life. This planet is a war zone and not a platform to evolve into something unnatural or surreal. Since it is a war zone Creator does not allow inexperienced beings to embody as humans. No other human/being can tell you that you are lesser or imperfect. There is no evidence of religion or any being who seeks worship that they actually can contribute something valuable. Whether or not you were physical or non physical this has nothing to do with being better or worse, it is simply a matter of design. A human being has the great ability to identify with many different parts of nature, the elements, use of creativity and imagination because a strong understanding of Creation has already been achieved before they were born in the first place. The only exception to this rule is something like archons who are inorganic anti creation who take on the appearance of a human being but are never a part of Creation.

What a star seed actually means is one who originally has a soul or consciousness which comes from the Sresara or star specific lineage by DNA. Sresara star beings are scientists and researchers by nature, they are a specific lineage or family in the Cosmos with a specific function and skill set. To be a star seed means that your soul is originally seeded or born as a star body meaning that if you were to incarnate again you would incarnate as a star being and not as anything else. You would simply return to your original star body since that is the house of your soul if you are a Sresara star being in DNA essence as a human being right now. Only a few people are actual star beings since most of us come from other Galactic lineages and star families due to our variety of experiences, skills and gifts. There is nothing special or unique about this, if you are embodied as anything else such as a Rainbow Elemental, a Dragon, a Whale or whatever you may be you would simply return to your respective home Constellation or home Planet where you resided before you embodied as a human being.

Light Worker according to is “A light worker is someone who wants to see healing in the world on a large scale, considers themselves able to detect subtle healing energy, and has had some kind of a mystical awakening in their lives, be it current or a past life. Have people told you that you have a pure heart? Do you come of as warm and loving? You might be a light worker”.

Firstly by saying you are a light worker implies that there is an effort or labor a “work” must be undergone in order to achieve some type of goal or positive change. It implies a sense of burden in association with spirituality when spirituality in its true nature is about becoming awakened, seeing the truth and the real nature of Creation. It does not have to do with trying to work or labor to fix the ills of the world through something like meditation. Not to be rude or anything but do you really believe that by meditation alone you will solve the World’s problems? Of course not, everyone knows that this is not the reality but they feel morally superior so they act as though by their own thoughts and their own interests that they will solve the problems of the world all from their Shavasana. It is one thing to put your interests and passions into motion and it is another thing entirely to just dream about it with no aim or direction…

Now when we decode what says a Light Worker is we can see that there is again a wrong association basically implying that only a few super select or “special” human beings have the ability to detect subtle energy or let alone care about making the world a better place. Last time I checked people who have no interest in spirituality make all kinds of meaningful positive changes in our world by contributing through education, growing food, offering protection and much more. All human beings at their core root level have a strong desire to have the World healed. Why do all humans deeply care about having the World healed even if they are not in tune with this value or desire? We depend on the health of the World to be healthy ourselves! This is not just an interest, this is a fundamental value which EVERY SINGLE HUMAN BEING HAS. Everyone who is caring and loving, regardless of their interest has this desire. While there are some human beings who are sick and are not connected to these values most of this has to do with the fact that their basic human needs have not been met and they have been heavily suppressed and burdened by corruption. If you are a true spiritual being you would take this into consideration before raising yourself as some spiritual superior being over others. What they said on the web page is an example of hierarchial programming.

Twin Flame according to means “When you reach a certain level of consciousness or a higher frequency level in one life, your soul has to split into two in order to come back down into a physical body. This means that there are essentially two of you roaming the earth. Both of you are in a way, half the energy that you originally were. This other half of your energy is your Twin Flame, and when the two of you cross paths or meet it is like you instantly feel whole again.”

Essentially New Agers believe that in every part of life there is a sacrifice, a lessening or a separation which must be achieved in order to reach some state of spiritual awareness. The reality is Creation would never separate you as a soul or split you in half…Sounds a bit painful and unnecessary to do. YOUR ROMANTIC PARTNER IS NOT YOU, you are a whole and complete being and a twin flame always implies some form of separation or necessity to gain back something which has been lost. Your romantic partner is not lost, you are not incomplete even if you do not have a romantic partner at the moment. Your relationships do not define you and there is no degradation or lessening which is a part of Organic Creation, it does not exist in any Universe. By saying you have a twin flame implies that you will never be whole and complete unless you have a romantic partner, not only that, it also is telling you that you are insignificant unless you have a romantic partner. Do you really believe that this is true? Do you really believe that there is another person out there who is EXACTLY YOU? You have one soul and it is yours, you do not share it with another person, this is illogical for Creator and would never exist in the first place for humanity.

So what is a twin flame really then? Humans do not have twin flames only beings directly from Gemini do and very rarely other beings. This only occurs when it is beneficial for them to do so and in most cases there is no reason to have a twin flame. The twin flame hoax is another example of illuminati programming that makes you believe that you are not a whole being yourself and that you will never be complete (since you will never find your twin flame because you don’t have one). Like this they try to make you believe that you are imperfect, that you are lost and in need of guidance. When you buy into it you give them power to manipulate and control you.

It is important to realize that these websites are not the only ones spreading this harmful, degrading misrepresentation of spirituality. There are many more websites and sources whose sole purpose is to perpetuate programming and promotion of hierarchy based mindsets to make you at the end of your self important bolstering feel less important than some “guru” or “higher being”. I share this with you to help you break free from the imprisonment which these misguided or malevolent people have set up for humanity to buy into. It is YOUR TIME TO TAKE YOUR POWER BACK FOR YOURSELF. Know that your value is tremendous and you will never have to give your power away to any part of Creation. Creator would never have you lower yourself or degrade yourself for anything, you are simply supported because you are loved, not because you have to work for it. TIME TO WAKE UP AND EDUCATE YOURSELVES ON CREATION NOT WORSHIP!!!




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