Prayers for Peace

Prayers for Peace

Prayer for Peace: A Space for Humanity

At times we may ask ourselves:

  • Who am I really?
  • Am I seen for who I truly am?
  • What are my gifts? Are my gifts truly appreciated and needed to help others?
  • Is there a real opportunity for me to shine my light in this world?

Multidimensional Cosmic Consciousness Rainbow Light

There are many aspects of the human experience which leave us asking ourselves if we can allow our inner light to fully flower, manifest and glow into our outer worlds. I have noticed a sense of apprehension in my interactions with others where people are typically closed down to expressing who they are in the fullest way. Most of the time people strive to be open minded and fully expressive of their true selves and try their best to let the love of their hearts shine to everything.

Although people are diligently using opportunities to love, be expressive and free there tends to be a block or a type of resistance humanity has to stepping up to the new way of being. It’s as though the pain and suffering which the collective of humanity has experienced has put the human condition into a state of locked suppressed energies which we do not even realize are directing our thoughts and actions. Whether or not we realize it, as humans we use subtle communicative energies to express our emotional states to others in many instances without realizing that it is going on. Once we unveil these energies we can use these subtle powers of ours to discern, grow, and heal with more awareness in our lives.

Next time that you are in a crowd of people take note of the body language that people have, are they walking tall and proud or are people hunched over trying to protect themselves from others? Body language is very telling of emotional and mental states that a certain individual has, and in a sense we all understand this language in a profound yet subtle way without even realizing that we know it. For some time I have noticed a feeling of brokenness, tenderness, or lack of self worth in the faces and expressions of many people. After seeing a state of discontent in many people, and also in myself in many circumstances I posited this question to myself:

  • Why do we even worry or question our self worth at all? The answer is simple, there is a general state of discontent in the world which affects many individuals. Those individuals who are trying to inspire change such as the “Indigos”, “Starseeds”, and revolutionaries are especially affected by the strange pressures of the matrix which are foreign to their consciousness and way of being. Although an individual may have something to contribute to their community, their families, or even their friends it may not always be received well if the receiver is not open to a higher state of consciousness.

Due to the rampant practice of degradation, competition, separation and greed in this world many people have shut entire parts of their hearts and consciousness down in order to simply function on a daily basis. At times it is easier for people to live their life going with the flow of the status quo, keeping their eyes closed and their hearts hidden in a basement or fortress inside of themselves.

The luminous nature of unconditional love and total acceptance of creation can be terrifying for individuals who are not prepared for it. All souls here on Planet Ekken currently are evolving at different speeds and have different soul missions. If an individual is not ready for spiritual truths, it is important that they get the support that is in alignment for their paths. A light worker path may not be appropriate for some individuals in any given lifetime since they may have something different to contribute to the world instead. When people work and do the daily grind with no defined spiritual path, they do have the potential to assist humanity in unseen ways. We should see the value in all of life, and in all people in order to understand why people chose the paths that they do in work, life, and even in relationships. Nobody has the right to judge one another for the particular paths that are taken in life, for all paths are our own.

All life paths are brilliantly connected to unique soul missions and educational journeys that are experienced by the single individual who is brave enough to accept the task. There are so many different roles, missions, and tasks which can be undertaken by a single person. We should marvel at the great skill that humanity has in creating a myriad of opportunities to evolve or expand their consciousness in a suppressed unjust world. There is no one way to find a path to all pervasive wisdom, light and love and we should be open to seeing all of humanity experiencing this path together as one. We may not understand each individual path that is taken, but we can at least be open and accepting of the love that each individual has to offer.

Every soul on this planet has something amazing to contribute, even if it seems they are aligned with a perceived “lesser path” or even a “darker path” they may in fact be teaching individuals the art of discernment. At times even those individuals who we deem to be villains are our greatest teachers and are giving us opportunities to see qualities in ourselves that we would not see otherwise. Whenever we encounter darker or denser souls, we are given a gift of a moment to rise above and to stand even more firmly in our light or whatever our soul is telling us that we must do in the moment.

For those people who chose to live in a state of heightened awareness, shutting down their creativity, and positive beliefs is simply not an option. I write this prayer for all people, especially for the renegade lovers of this world who continue to love no matter how painful it gets.

meditation by water love energy humanity

Here is my prayer for creating a space for the human soul to thrive in all ways.

There is a space for all of us on this vast green, blue, golden, and rainbow planet called Ekken Ekeinne. We will all have homes to dwell in safety and in all pervasive light and love throughout all timelines and in all dimensions. We seek to thrive together in unity for the benefit of all of creation.

If there is not a space open for creativity, expansion, illumination, and love we will create it with our hearts energies and our imagination for the benefit of all. All souls will be encouraged, uplifted, thanked, and appreciated in this wonderful collective family of humanity. Wherever there is a block, a wall, or an obstacle for any one soul no matter who or what it is, we will lift it or dissolve it with our love and our ingenuity. We will take collective responsibility in creating a space for the human soul to reside in peace, harmony and balance with all of life. We will not label ourselves victims, or limit ourselves to small roles or confine ourselves to limited identities. We will encourage one another to rise up whenever we feel weak or broken. Whatever is broken or in need of repair, we will fix it and we will build it together.

As a collective of humanity we will use our creative spirits to renew this planet with energies of freedom and justice. We will use the powers of our individual expressions to create new ways of being by modeling opportunities for life through our actions in light and love. We will be the role models we always wanted in our lives and we will not base our opinions off of those which were taught to us by others but rather, by those which exist within the true depths of our soul.

In all things we will seek the highest path to express our highest selves, whoever we may be, in the most benevolent non-judgmental way. If we are surprised by what is truly within us, we will seek to investigate why we are afraid of who and what we are before passing judgment on ourselves. We will not dismiss what arises for us since it is coming up for us to teach us truths about the nature of our souls. Whenever we get stuck, feel lost, or feel hopeless we will find security in confiding in trustworthy members of our human family as best as we can.

As a collective we will replenish, reconstruct, and rebuild our world into the one of our dreams. We will remember that we all have the potential to love, grow, and evolve. We vow to be patient with ourselves, others, all of life, and all of the Earth since we see ourselves together as one. In this space of oneness we will create opportunities for the human spirit and the human soul to truly thrive in all ways which can be imagined and also in ways which are beyond our comprehension. We allow the full potential of the human race to blossom, flower, and expand and we will begin this journey by starting with the awareness of our own luminous selves. In gratitude, peace, and love, we pray for the most benevolent outcome for ourselves, our loved ones, our teachers, for all of life, for Ekken Ekeinne and for all of humanity for all of time.

May Love Pervade All of organic existence.